MGoAuction: Featuring Three $1 auctions, Great Michigan linemen and Rock/Pop Stars for MIchigan!

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on November 22nd, 2011 at 5:03 PM

Long MGoAuction update today with only 8 days left. We'll feature the end of a $1 auction, the start of two more $1 auctions, a great item representing the great tradition of Michigan linemen and a series of autographed items from some top names in Pop/Rock music.

First to the $1 Auctions (Bids start at $1, No Reserve)

1) Gary Grant (UofM, Miami Heat basketball star of the late 80's) autographed Michigan hat. Auction ends at 8:59pm tonight. Bidding at $33. LINK:

Pic: Gary Grant autographed yellow Michigan cap


2) Tai Streets autographed oversized photo. Bidding starts at $1. Auction ends tomorrow night at 8:59pm LINK:

Pic: Tai Streets autographed oversized photograph

and into the music industry for our third item. We have contact with a Michigan alum who serves as a music agent for several big-name pop stars. He was kind enough to get a bunch of his artists to sign items for the MGoAuction. Some of the items are autographed C.D.'s. A couple of them are on Michigan caps including this one that we're going to offer up for $1, No Reserve.

3) Michigan baseball cap signed by pop superstar Ke$ha. Bidding starts at $1. The hat alone costs $25. Its almost as good a conversation piece at campus bars as Taylor Lewan's mustache tattoo. If you're of the older crowd with a pre-teen or teenage daughter, I guarantee you'll score some points with this one. Its got to be worth a couple of bucks to someone. LINK:

Pic: Ke$ha autographed Michigan hat

Continuing on with the Rock N' Roll stuff:

4) Michigan baseball cap signed by pop band Three Days Grace. Starting bid is $49. LINK:

Pic: Three Days Grace autographed Michigan cap

5) Autographed C.D. from rap artist B.o.b. Starting bid is $49. LINK:

Pic: B.o.b. autographed compact disc


6) Autographed C.D. from pop singer Jason Derulo. Starting bid is $65. ENDS TONIGHT AT 7:59pm. This guy has had a bunch of Billboard top 10 songs including a #1 hit. It may not be your musical taste but clearly someone is listening to the guy. LINK:

Pic: Jason Derulo autographed compact disc


Getting back to some good old Michigan football. This last item has yet to receive its first bid. Can't figure out why

7) Michigan football autographed by Jake Long (future HOF'er?), Dan Dierdorf (HOF'er), Steve Everitt, Jim Brandstatter, Jeff Backus (current Lions tackle) and Adam Kraus (2 Time ALL Big Ten) LINK:

Pic: Dan Dierdorf, JakeLong,Brandstatter, Backus, Everitt & Kraus autographed Michigan football


Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving.


James Burrill Angell

November 22nd, 2011 at 5:08 PM ^

I know this is where a bunch of you chime in on the various ways you wish Ke$ha would end her time on this plane of existence, that Three Days Grace (fill in expletive here) on various (fill in parts of male anatomy here) and who is this Bob fella........

Fire away I guess. That said, every one of these people stepped up when they were directly asked if they would sign this item to benefit some scholarships for the University of Michigan, the very school that many of you "Hail" on Saturday afternoons in the Big House, some of you hold degrees from and that pretty much everyone here professes to love in varying degrees.

With that, commence your attacks.


November 22nd, 2011 at 5:27 PM ^

but simply a concern... That Ke$ha hat would not ever be officially authenticated... it has zero consistencies with her signature... I'm not bashing the charity or the cause or even saying it's not real... I trust you all have very good people...

But an authenticator would look at that hat and not be able to say it's real..



Maybe it was signed in a rush or maybe she had time to sign it the way she'd like.. but it doesn't look like any of her signatures that connect and have rounded s's... and her K never goes down like that.. it goes across and connects to the $...

Maybe that is why it's not selling.

James Burrill Angell

November 22nd, 2011 at 5:39 PM ^

Don't know what those other ones are that you use as examples. I can tell you that all of these were signed in front of an alum who represents these artists, who is a close close friend/fraternity brother and stood up at the wedding with one of our committee members and I've seen the emails he sent to the group when he got each signed. I feel 100% confident its real. If he didn't think he could get it, he wouldn't have volunteered to do it.


November 22nd, 2011 at 5:42 PM ^

not an attack, it just lacks consistencies normally seen in her signature... there's always reasons for that... no signature is signed the same way twice... I certainly don't doubt their validity, just not sure they'd pass authentication for those kinds of collectors.