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From watching the amazing U.S. women's gymnastics team last night, I started thinking about how much they have done athletically. To put in perspective, they've done more by 15 to 17 than we on this board ever will. However, that made me curious about our own personal accolades. I will start. I made the state cross country finals in high school, ran a 4:46 mile, and have 3 state wrestling titles as a coach. Let's hear yours!



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I won the Champions League in FIFA 12, by spending my actual cash to buy a ton of really good players, and then setting the difficulty level to "Amatuer."  I went undefeated in Serie A that season, had a +90 goals differential, and went undefeated thru group play in Champions League and giving up only 1 goal in the knockout rounds.  Hah!


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I was on the basketball B team in middle school for two years and we lost every single game, usually by a comfortable margin, until we finally won a game in 8th grade at Forest Hills Northern. Extremely embarassing night for them. Losing that many games did make winning a pretty big deal, so that was something.

Wisconsin Wolverine

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2-time 1st team all conference midfielder in high school ... except my school was small, & our league was made up of a bunch of other small schools, so ... you know.  take that for what it's worth (not much).

Doc Brown

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Ran XC and track in high school. I was nothing special. Rowed on the crew team for Purdue, my lightweight 8 won Dad Vails. Now I just run marathons and ultras. I am taking a break this fall from running marathons to focus on coaching cross country for the first time.


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In football I was an O-lineman so I don't have very many personal accolades except my junior year I led the team in penalties and my senior year I didn't miss a single offensive snap.  However in h.s basketball, I had one insane double-double (22 rebounds, 10 blocks, and 0 points), and in summer league baseball for my high school team, I had one game where I was two pitches away from ptiching a perfect game (1 hit, 1 walk, 7 inning shutout).  Oddly enough, I didn't get the win.  I was pulled after the 5th inning and moved to first, the guy who came in for relief, immediately let up a couple runs without recording a single out, and because I was still in the game, my coach was able to put me back in at pitcher to complete the last 2 innings (Still don't know if that was actually a legal move, and yes I was furious with the kid).

For team accolades, my sophomore and junior year my football team made the playoffs and our team was ranked 1st coming into the playoffs my sophomore year, and the only actual championship any team I've ever been on has won is the A2 middle school city championship in volleyball (yeah volleyball, so what, a championship is a championship).

Basically, I have a few cool stories to tell, but nothing really impressive.


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In the pros that is a legal move. I saw it a few years ago when the Cubs put a pitcher in left field to keep him in the game going for a lefty/lefty, righty/righty matchup. Sean Marshall (IIRC) played 1 batter in left then went back on the mound.


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In long jump, jumped 24' 8". Not in that meet, but a different one. Also made three finals of the 100m dash twice and 4x100 once, ran 10.7 in the open. All conference four years.


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Mostly low d1 and a lot of d2 schools, but I decided to stay close to home for my girlfriend, who is now my wife, so it all worked out. I competed in a few meets unaffiliated, did well, but never competed for a school.


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I beat some girls and guys in a race around the track one time. I think it was the 440 or 420. I was very fast that day, but my good friend who was an illegal Mexican nudged me at the finish. She was very hot too! That desert training had to be the difference.


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Earned minor all-area/district accolades in high school as a pitcher-outfielder. Threw a no-hitter once in HS. Received a scholarship to pitch at Northwestern. Played 4 years plus a redshirt year in rehab. I was fortunate to play with and against a lot of guys who made the Major Leagues after college. It was a fascinating experience.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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I was recruited to play college golf, NAIA level, and have recorded a hole in one at a golf tournament my senior year of high school.

Watching the Olympics makes me wish I was that good at a sport...


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I won silver sticks, national titles and played four sports while in high school hockey being my main focus and passion. I had a good amount of individual awards but looking back I like the rings better that plaques or trophys. They mean a lot more.


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2 sectional, one state title in lacrosse in upstate new York (still considered one of 3 hot beds/ tradition rich areas in lacrosse) 2nd team all league honorable mention all CNY... Played a lacrosse game in front of 4000 fans is high school... Very cool.


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In HS, I got dunked on by a future Final Four starter (Folarin Campbell - George Mason) and a future NBA player (Jerome Dyson - UCONN) in summer league. It sucked...


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When I was a junior, I locked up Sparty commit Matt Costello who was then a soph (like 8 pts for him on a ton of shots and we won by 20). Then we played him my senior year and I too got crammed on and he lit me up (like 26 pts and we lost by 20). Interestingly, I've also been dunked on by ex-Sparty commit Dwaun Anderson, meaning I've been dunked on by consecutive Mr. Basketball's in Michigan. Now that is an accomplishment.


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State champ in high school lacrosse, Won some IM sports at Michigan (flag football, water polo, and I even placed in the shot put, throwing a 16# college shot despite never having thrown before) and I did run 10 miles two nights ago as I train for a half marathon.


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XC and track in high school as well...pretty mediocre in both. Really only had one healthy cross country season, junior year in which I set my 3 mile pr (19:52), Freshman year track was also the only injury free all-city in Chicago (basically all-conference) at the frosh-soph level in the 110m hurdles and 4x800m relay, also all-city as a sophomore in the 4x800. Became a part-time shot putter/discus thrower starting sophomore year due to injury which prevented me from running every day....became a full time thrower senior year, was my school's top thrower, but not too great in general. Also did some high jump, long jump, 400m, 300m hurdles, 800m, 1600m


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Can't say I know many others who have made a similar shift.

About 2-3 weeks into the season our coach would always have everyone run a 400 and get three throws in shot put...he said it was to discover hidden talent. Our school record holder in throws was also an all-state high jumper who only started throwing while recovering from an ankle sprain suffered during basketball season.

I also wasn't built like a stereotypical distance runner 6' 1" 190 by senior year (probably around 160ish when I first started throwing).

Hip flexor and a nagging IT band issue kept me from running the couple months between XC and track, and IT band discomfort the first week of track led me to drop running (training wise anyways, still raced a few times) and shift my focus to throwing full time in practice...saw pretty big gains in both throws compared to soph/junior year when I threw only part time.

I pretty much didn't do any more distance running that year, maybe one 800. Kept running both hurdle races. In my entire high school career didn't fall once in hurdles until the very last meet when I clipped the 9th hurdle and hit the ground hard. Bruised my ankle pretty bad and could reallly feel it in discus that day when I would try to spin. 


Tulip Time

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Completely airballed a free throw on the back end of an and-1 with no time left that would have put my team in overtime in the playoffs. End of my athletic career.


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My senior year in high school, my school's football team was in the first round of the playoffs in overtime with a local team who is outstanding every season.  They had just scored, and so we needed a touchdown to tie the game.  We made it to the two yard-line and our all-world running back, who had a full ride to a Big-10 school, fumbled the ball right before the goal line.  The other team recovered, and won the game.  It was the player's last game in high school.  Even though he went on to do pretty well for himself, I always felt bad since he was always a good guy.   

Bobby Digital

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I had a friend, was a big baseball player back in high school. He could throw that speedball by you, make you look like a fool, boy. Saw him the other night at this roadside bar, I was walking in, he was walking out. We went back inside, sat down had a few drinks, but all he kept talking about was glory days.


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All conference Soccer- striker, Basketball-pg, and Baseball-ss in my Junior and Senior seasons.  Some recruiting from small colleges in each except basketball.