Meyer will address poor recruiting in the B1G with other coaches

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Urban Meyer tells 97.1 The Fan he will address the poor recruiting in the B1G directly with those coaches at the upcoming coaches meeting.

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Meyer tells the fan it's concerning about the lack of B1G recruiting when there are 11 teams in the SEC up in the top 25 in recruiting.

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Urban Meyer argument is if the conference is strong it helps everyone but if they are not recruiting well it hurts the conference overall.



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I actually don't think this is a bad thing.  It's not like he's just complaining about it, he's going to touch on it at the coaches meeting.  I think it is important for the whole conference to get better, and if Meyer can help that, why is that bad?

Now, if this is just him flapping his gums to brag about how great he did compared to most of the conference, then he's a megadouche.  But if not, it should probably be seen as a good thing.  That said, if he has good intentions, I don't see why he needs to go on a radio show to talk about it, but I guess that's how a lot of people do stuff.


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SBNation Link I've heard from other sources that he was discussing playing more night games. It's tough for high schoolers to go from their Friday night games to a school's noon Saturday game. 

Sidebar: This sounds weird but what do you do for a living? I can kind of tell what most of the big posters around here do but I can't get a read on you. 


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Sociology, actually.  Not that what I majored in has a whole lot to do with how well I do my job.  The people in my field major in a whole range of things from business to econ to psych/soc/comm type majors.  But the people in sales with business degrees are usually from smaller/lesser schools - there aren't a whole lot of people graduating from Ross and going into sales.  


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I'll give my vote too, considering this whole thing kinda started with me saying I was a sociology major.  

I went to law school.  For about a semester and a half.  Now I'm married to an attorney, and I love my job, she hates hers, and we make comparable money (except I came out with less debt).  

So yeah, I eighth this, or whatever we're at now.


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This isn't a question that someone who wants to maintain any sense of anonymity would answer. I work in consent decree management, everyone who works with me knows me as a Michigan alumnus and a rabid Michigan football fan. Its not a huge field.  Its not hard to put two and two together.  I respect the non-answer here.  Probably best not to ask - or answer.


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My problem with him saying this was that he said it. He's a douche who craves media attention at all times. There was no need for him to say this. Could you see (I really hate holding him up as some paragon of character, but he kind of is) Brady Hoke saying something like that? I don't.

Urban needs to shut the fuck up (nucky) and take care of his business. Having the discussion with other coaches is fine and well, maybe even a good thing. He made it bad by running his mouth, as per usual.


February 8th, 2013 at 1:37 AM ^

Exactly. I'm shocked he didn't hold a 30 minute press conference to address how he will address the tiny minds of his fellow B1G coaches. My money says Hoke uses Urban's lecture on recruiting tactics to catch a few Z's, or draw a caricature of the douschebag. I can't wait until he quits on them in the next 3-4 years. It shall be a glorious sight to behold, indeed.


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The guy went undefeated and has the best recruiting class in the B1G. Whay more can he do?

Also, how does Ole Miss get a top 5 class and schools like Wisconsin, MSU, Iowa can't even land a top 20 class?

If the B1G continues to put out a poor product (aside from OSU and M) then the league as a whole suffers. Adding RU and MD to the mix doesn't help much either.


February 8th, 2013 at 9:10 AM ^

I just don't see any reason for Meyer to say anything publicly about this.  If you are going to address it, then address it directly with the other coaches.  Why do you have to go on a radio station and announce that you are going to address it?  All this does is solidify to me that Meyer is no different than 95% of Ohio fans I know, arrogant douchebags!!


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My interest in the B1G gaining ground on those douchebags down south is in direct conflict of my uninhibited hatred of all things related to Meyer, and Ohio!  

My head. asplode.

All in all though, he's got a point. I mean, its been a long time since Purdue was pulling in Drew Brees's and Kyle Orton's, and Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa and even lil bro have all kind of fallen off the map in terms of recruiting.


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He's absolutely right. The league needs to pick up it's recruiting and get better overall. Returning to the "Big 2, Little 10" will not help the league's prestige across the country. The other members of the Big Ten need to pick it up.


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I'm not criticizing him for poaching.  I'm critcizing him for poaching the top recruits recruits from other Big Ten schools, and then complaining about how nobody else in the Big Ten recruits well. 

Hell, last year he raided PSU's class like Marv raided Duncan's Toy Chest.

turd ferguson

February 8th, 2013 at 12:04 AM ^

This is 1/2 of what makes this statement by Meyer seem so dick to me.

First, there's the "I'm looking out for you, coach whose recruits I'll gladly poach." 

Then there's the "Hey Minnesota, I think it's time that you start beating out Alabama, LSU, and Florida for some of these elite Southern recruits.  Why can't you get that done?"

When Meyer came, I was part of a small group here that believed he's an excellent coach and a really good guy.  I still believe he's an excellent coach, but I sure am changing my mind on that "really good guy" part.