Meyer Placed on (Paid) Administrative Leave

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Co-OC Day is interim head coach.



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"If you intentionally lie about committing violations, your career is over," Meyer said during a call-in radio show on 97.1 The Fan in Columbus. "You're not suspended for two games [or] some of the silly penalties you have -- you can't talk to a recruit for a week and a half or something like that. No. You're finished. That will clean up some things."


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Upvote for asking a legitimate question.

Police knew about and investigated both the 2009 and 2015 incidents, so this isn't a case of Urban withholding information from law enforcement.  I'm no Title IX expert, but I don't see why a school would get in trouble for not reporting something the police already know.

Also, I really don't want to be the fucking school that can only beat its rival when they're running with an interim coach.


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I assume you're not familiar with title IX... It doesn't matter if you think the police know or not. As an employee of an educational institution receiving federal finding you are required to report information regarding abuse of any kind. Even if the person telling you doesn't want you to report you still have to. Everyone at the institution goes through training for this. 

Chris S

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I know my priorities are mixed up, but I agree. I want to have the opportunity to beat Ohio State at their best. If he really was guilty of something along these lines, I would hope they could find a way to give him a major fine or something as long as he keeps coaching.

Rug Dog

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Yea, they are probably tying up loose ends and figuring out how to pay him less for termination with cause at this point.  They wouldn't put him on leave if they planned keeping him at this point, they would have a conference and say they are investigating it while he coqched.  He's done for.


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If there's at all decent evidence that he knew about Smith's abuse and did nothing, he will be gone. Simple as that. OSU has a scandal on their hands already with a former swimming physician (and maybe the wrestling program as well). They know what MSU has endured this year, and what Penn State endured years ago. They don't want another Title IX investigation on their hands. I actually have faith that they will investigate these matters properly, and if they find crap they will terminate with cause. If not, he'll be back. The only thing more important to OSU than winning football games, is saving hundreds of millions of dollars. That is what this will come down to.


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"If there's at all decent evidence that he knew about Smith's abuse and did nothing, he will be gone."


I don't think that would be enough, not at OSU. What would be enough is if he pressured the victim to drop charges, directly or through someone else. There's some smoke about his "life coach" paying the victim a visit and asking her to drop charges. If anyone can corroborate that, then it's game over for him.


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Statement from The Ohio State University 

The university is conducting an investigation into these allegations. During the inquiry, Urban Meyer will be on paid administrative leave. Ryan Day will serve as acting head football coach during the investigation. We are focused on supporting our players and on getting to the truth as expeditiously as possible. 

Statement from Urban Meyer 

Gene and I agree that being on leave during this inquiry will facilitate its completion. This allows the team to conduct training camp with minimal distraction. I eagerly look forward to the resolution of this matter.


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I'm not sure how they bring him back from this.  I know this is OSU but they are going to get crushed and they would deserve it if they reinstate him.


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Suspend him from all team activities, including recruiting and all practices and meetings, through the first third of the season.

That's a virtually unprecedented level of punishment that is short of firing. It has a real potential effect on the season, while not destroying it.

The problem is that there might be more than what we know now, and something even as severe as this could become untenable.

The irony of the way our news culture works is that people either go the whole nine yards and defenestrate someone, or they try to rally around them and minimize the offense. There is no middle ground where you can acknowledge something is severe and discipline accordingly without firing someone.


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Stuff like this blows over faster than you think.  I am not saying it is crazy to think he will be back, but after a few news cycles, people won’t be talking about this anymore.  If they can stretch this investigation into the season, it won’t be the same kind of story once actual football starts happening and there are wins and losses to discuss.  I don’t think he is getting fired, personally.