December 22nd, 2018 at 8:49 PM ^

They don't see him as an enemy. Urbs and OSU were made for each other. More like...

Uni pres: Watcha wanna do now?

Urbs: Well, for obvious reasons I could never actually be the bag man before...

Uni pres: Well, I can't announce you as our Saban-Freeze Honorary Bagman...

Urbs: How about we call it "Assistant AD"?


December 22nd, 2018 at 7:30 PM ^

This could be true. What’s odd to me other than the obvious, is that he is going to be working a ton as an assistant ad at this level. I mean if you’re ill, you’re ill, but he clearly isn’t or he wouldn’t take this job. I can’t quite figure out his motive here. On a side note, I heard someone ask an Osu fan the other day their thoughts on Urban and the reply was hilarious “ I think it’s 70% health and 30% he felt betrayed by administration” yea ok. This whole thing is so odd and pathetic. 

Mr. Yost

December 22nd, 2018 at 8:19 PM ^

He's not going to be working a ton. He's going to be doing one of three things (or some combination of the three).

1. Fundraising and giving speeches to the same donors he used to give speeches to, make appearances with, etc. - hell Gary Williams is STILL at Maryland and he was fired forever ago. They'd make Meyer a liaison to football alums and try to get them to donate back to the school.


2. Assisting Gene Smith, only if he's delusional enough to think he's going to be an AD (stranger things have happened, i.e. Tressel, Jim) - which is basically an internship on how to be an Athletics Director, not an actual job.


3. Assistant AD for Football, Harbaugh had/has a similar position on his staff - can't remember the guy's name, but I believe he got a DUI and tried to step down, but JH kept him around (until he left a couple of years ago). This is more an adviser to the head football coach.


None of those are grueling positions.

Mr. Yost

December 22nd, 2018 at 10:08 PM ^

Had to do a depth chart, posted it the other day. Way off, I'm sure. Anyway, here you go - just for you. Old fashion threadjack.


I don’t follow Michigan recruiting very much anymore, so the freshman are a complete guess (especially OL) - I basically just looked at the commit list on 247. I did keep in mind that you can play 4 games and still redshirt. 2 posts in 1 day - I'll always be blue at heart! But here you all go...take care.


1. Shea Patterson
2. Dylan McCaffrey
3. Joe Milton
rs: Cade McNamara
(I think Peters transfers - I know that's frowned upon)


1. Chris Evans (same number of carries as '18)
2. Tru Wilson / Zach Charbonnet (split Higdon’s carries)
4. Christian Turner (Wilson’s carries)


1. Ben Mason
2. Ben Vansumeren


1. Tarik Black
2. Ronnie Bell
3. Quintel Kent


1. Nico Collins
2. Cornelius Johnson


1. Donovan Peoples-Jones
2. Oliver Martin
3. Jake McCurry / Giles Jackson
rs: George Johnson III


1. Zach Gentry/Sean McKeon
3. Nick Eubanks
4. Mustapha Muhammad
5. Luke Schoonmaker
rs: Erick All


1. Jalen Mayfield
2. John Runyan Jr.
3. Joel Honigford
4. Ryan Hayes
rs: Trevor Keegan


1. Ben Bredeson
2. Chuck Filiaga
3. Phillip Paea
rs: Karen Barnhart


1. Cesar Ruiz
2. Stephen Spanellis
3. Nolan Rumler
rs: Zach Carpenter


1. Michael Onwenu
2. Stephen Spanellis
3. Nolan Rumler (will have to play RG in garbage time with Spanellis at C)
rs: Jack Stewart


1. John Runyan Jr.
2. Andrew Stueber
3. Joel Honigford
rs: Trente Jones


1. Josh Uche
2. Luiji Vilain
3. Taylor Upshaw
rs: David Ojabo
rs: Gabe Newberg


1. Carlo Kemp
2. Donovan Jeter
3. Mazi Smith


1. Michael Dwumfour
2. Chris Hinton


1. Kwity Paye
2. Aidan Hutchinson
3. Ron Johnson
4. Julius Welscof
rs: Mike Morris


1. Devin Gil
2. Cameron McGrone


1. Josh Ross
2. Jordan Anthony
3. Charles Thomas


1. Khaleke Hudson
2. Michael Barrett (unless he’s still playing offense, then take 1-2 of the true freshman)
3. Hassan Haskins / Anthony Solomon
rs: Joey Velazquez
rs: Amauri Pesek-Hickson


1. David Long (fingers crossed)
2. Ambry Thomas
3. Vincent Gray
4. Gemon Green
rs: DJ Turner
rs: Mike Sanstrill


1. Lavert Hill (fingers crossed)
2. Ambry Thomas
3. Myles Sims
4. Ben St.-Juste
rs: Jalen Perry


1. Daxton Hill/Jaylen Kelly-Powell
3. German Green
4. Sammy Faustin


1. Josh Metellus
2. Brad Hawkins
3. J’Marick Woods
rs: Quinten Johnson


December 22nd, 2018 at 10:06 PM ^

Bravo to everyone, the responses are probably the best I’ve read on any topic in awhile.  

Agree that this is definitely an honorary position.  OSU admin knows he’s invaluable as a recruiter so they are desperate to keep him on staff if only to be able to say he’s still involved.  

The guy is a creep and felt the heat.  When things aren’t going perfect for him he generates an escape plan. Who would publicly question a persons health? It’s actually quite a brilliant “out” plan.


December 22nd, 2018 at 8:48 PM ^

What’s odd to me other than the obvious, is that he is going to be working a ton as an assistant ad at this level.

Probably not compared to a head coach of a blood-blue football program where they are probably working 70+ hours a week during the season. Asst. AD probably feels like a breeze in comparison.

Gene Smith also said Urban's main focus will just be fundraising, and assisting the development of newer coaches in their other sports. Apparently, Gene Smith reached out to Oklahoma's AD on how they handled the Bob Stoops to Lincoln Riley transition and will model it after that...

Mr Miggle

December 22nd, 2018 at 10:07 PM ^

Meyer won't be the assistant AD. He'll be called an assistant AD, but it's an extra position they created just for him. I wouldn't make any assumption about how he'll end up working, but he won't be required to do very much.

For OSU it's a way to trade off of Meyer's popularity with their fanbase. For Meyer, it's a way to stay involved with the team. The one person who shouldn't like this arrangement is Ryan Day. Meyer can now meddle in an official capacity. 


December 22nd, 2018 at 7:55 PM ^

I think it's the other way around. OSU is keeping HIM around, so things don't come out about THEM. 

Once he's gone, he's gone and the NCAA can't really hurt him. They could, however, hammer the shit out of OSU for the stuff Urban did when he was there. 

There's no way that OSU was recruiting like Alabama without some real bagman action. They basically recruited better than a dirty Southern program while convincing kids to come to a shitty Northern town. 

Yeah, OSU/Meyer were successful, but even that doesn't explain it. 

Plus, you have to factor in that Zach Smith obviously has (1) dirt on OSU while (2) being totally loyal to Urban over anything else in his life. If OSU did Urban wrong, he would probably give Zach the go ahead to burn the place down.