Meyer banned from OSU property, cannot contact players

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There are some new reports out covering some of the deals of Meyer's administrative leave.  In particular, he's not allowed to contact players, he has no access to his university email account or communication devices, and he can't be on OSU property.  

Here's a link to the story.  



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I know it sucks, in general, to be surrounded by Ohio State fans, because they can't get past the football program.  But it must reeeeeally suck if your own mother is so far gone that she would betray you for nothing more than saving some face for the program.


That is cold, if true.  Of course it's probably made up or extremely stretched.


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If he isn't fired (or doesn't resign), the President of OSU is an idiot because he will eventually end up losing "HIS" job over this. I think Urban eventually resigns with a buyout...just maybe, his best case scenario is a year suspension without pay. OSU will still get some backlash, but not as much. Moreover, a $7M fine (his annual salary) and no interaction with the program/recruits is more than a slap on the wrist. But even that is a gamble for OSU's President. If something else comes out, he and Urban are both dead men walking.

EDIT: I'll also add that when the two week investigation was announced, most thought that meant, "Urban will get off." However, you can easily make the argument that its a smart move by the President because not only does it appease the OSU fans screaming about "let the facts play out," but the President also plays the "due process" angle for people who wanted him fired immediately. He just has to say, "We needed to due a investigation to make sure."


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He is not getting fired.  She claimed abuse.  Zach denied.  She called 911 many times, multiple different police officers investigated, and never arrested Zach.  In Ohio (probably everywhere) it is very unusual for a woman to call 911 for domestic abuse and the man not leave in cuffs.  Urban concluded that if the police cannot find evidence of abuse, there was no grounds to fire Zach.


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If Urban filed the Title IX report, then there was an investigation.  If the investigation found Zach in violation of Title IX, he was gone no matter what Urban thought about police reports.  If they investigated and found that the preponderance of evidence was against a Title IX violation, then Urban is in the clear.

If there was no report, Urban is gone.

If there was a report and investigation that cleared Zach, though, that leaves two questions:

1.  Why fire Zach?  All you have to do when questions come up is show the investigation's conclusions, and

2. Why would Urban lie at media day?  There's no chance he misunderstood the question or didn't remember a Title IX investigation.

Whether Zach committed DV, or whether his mommy thinks he did, or didn't, or whatever, is not relevant.  What is relevant is:  did Urban Meyer follow the law and OSU regulations and his contract and report suspected DV to the OSU Title IX coordinator?

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Warning: long post below.  

I think you have accurately described the legal situation facing the school and Urban, but I still have a problem with it (the situation, not your description).  Urban is resorting to strict legalese to try and absolve himself of responsibility for having harbored an accused domestic abuser (for almost 10 years).  But Urban has near total control over who is on staff.   If Urban wanted to fire the kid at any time, he’d be gone.  Let's say Urban did follow proper reporting protocols.  If Gene Smith wanted to keep the kid but Urban didn’t, does anyone think the kid wouldn’t have been gone in a second?  The alternative is if Gene said to fire the kid and Urban said no, but that’s not what Urban is asserting happened here because he would then be admitting liability.  Yes, there is an investigation going on now to determine which alternative actually happened, or if nothing at all happened (either because Urban never reported it like he claimed he did, or because the school/Gene did nothing once Urban reported it), but the fact remains it was still up to Urban to keep the kid on staff or not.  The information so far points to Urban keeping a person with a history of domestic abuse allegations on staff for almost a decade.  He’s fired people for far less—eg, not calling plays as well as expected (Warriner) or for having violated a protective order (our boy Zack Smith).  Bottom line: Urban wanted the kid on staff so he remained on staff.  The legal issues, while important, are beside the point, IMO.  Regardless of whether he followed proper reporting protocols he should be fired.

Also, I keep hearing Bucknuts saying Urban may have lied, but it was only to the press, and that he told the truth when it mattered by reporting Zach Smith through proper channels.  Well, see above for how I feel about Urban trying to get out of jail by using the Nuremberg defense.  The bigger issue for me is that his lies confirm what we’ve all known or suspected about Urban—that he’s a fraud.  If he hadn’t lied at media days and simply said he imprudently kept a POS on staff—because of loyalty to Earl Bruce or whatever—and that he realized too late that Zack Smith should have been let go sooner, he would only be guilty this one time of failing to live up to the ideals he espoused—a big mistake, but a far more defensible one, especially if he offered some contrition too.  Instead his lies indicate he had no ideals in the first place, that his sanctimony and righteousness was all a façade, a bait and switch to lure recruits.  Everyone except Bucknuts already know this, but his most recent lies are further proof.  He’s a horrible human being.