META: Where are the UFRs?

Submitted by Brhino on September 28th, 2017 at 4:42 PM

Thursday afternoon and neither UFR are up.  I know they're not always on time, but usually when he's running behind Brian says something on twitter or on another front-page post.  I haven't seen anything this time.  Did I miss it? 

EDIT: As pointed out by many people below, UFRs are generally delayed by one week for the game immediately before a bye week! Oops.



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But let this suffice for this week. More MGoAnalysis from Stephen O (MGoBlog User: FanNamedOzzy). This time, Speight's hesitation kills us!




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I don't know how much simpler it could get for Speight on this play. That flat route should have been so easy for him. This hesitation thing he is doing is terrible. I don't know how a 2nd year QB can be making these mistakes.


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There's definitely a window, but it's a bit harsh to say there's no reason he shouldn't throw that. If the CB is jumping that route, it's an easy pick six. He needs to read what the CB does with the WR and in this case he does pass off the WR to the safety and comes down on the RB, albeit late. Speight missed a window here, but it was only open for a fraction of a second.

Watch it live speed. He needs to come off of what is probably his primary read in Crawford and have confidence in what the CB is doing all within a second max. That's a tough ask for a college QB.  


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Like I said, it's there, but it's not the gimme it looks like in slo mo. I was actually wrong, his initial read looks to be Gentry, which means he's got no idea what the corner is doing until he turns his head. So he's got to come off the first read, diagnose, and fire in under a second. Doable, but tough, especially for a guy that's maybe lost his mojo a bit.


September 29th, 2017 at 1:30 AM ^

This is about as easy as it gets. This was already his 2nd read and it was open. He stared right at the open man and chose not to throw. Waiting to see what the corner is doing actually gives the corner time to react to the routes. This is not what a QB should do. Football is about timing, especially offensively. The only way this gets picked is if its thrown very late or thrown with the velocity of a 5th grader. There is a 5 yard gap between the CB and RB when Speight is staring at the RB. This is not a tough ask for a QB.


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The best I can figure is that Speight is worried that the corner will crash down on a throw to Higdon risking a pick six.  But if Speight's keying on that outside LB, though, by my untrained eyes at least, by the time it's clear that the LB is taking away the TE, Higdon is still moving laterally in good position to shield the throw with his body even if the CB is fast enough to react, crash, and attack the ball.  Basically, I see this as an open quick hitter.  Speight shouldn't hesitate here, and the sack, despite Ulizio getting schooled, is on Speight.  Do others agree that the DB is still far enough back that with Higdon still moving laterally, this should still be a safe throw? Or do you think Speight is right to hesitate and (ultimately) eat the ball?


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It certainly doesn't help that the offensive line allowed a 4-man rush to get to him as quickly as it did, with multiple defenders breaking free.

Yes, Speight could have thrown that ball quicker, but Higdon was also probably the #3/4 option on that play, and Purdue had already gotten through earlier in that drive (if I'm reading the play right).  His clock was a lit sped up.


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helping the hamsters increase their stamina during this "improvement week." Gotta get the little guys in shape for the meat of the conference schedule. There'll be no more server slowdown during max usage demands.

carolina blue

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Where’s the new website? It’s improvement week...seems perfect for an improved website. It had been stated that it would be during bye week when they couldn’t make the beginning of the season happen.

Seth stated the slowed it all way down, but how slow?

Steve T

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Yes, you missed it.  Every year after the Purdue game the UFR's get put up in a slightly different place, it has something to do with a trip Brian took to watch M versus Purdue in '02.  If you look a little you'll find it.  Just put in a little effort.  


What year is it?


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Please....we have tons of PSAs and you see how often they are read. Nobody noticed the piece of paper that said "NOTICE" on the notice board and that was pretty typical.

Actually, now that I think about it, the Fe Fi Fo Film of Bye was spectacular. Shame people missed it. 


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hours yesterday I felt the same pan as I hit refresh every 10 minutes.

As noted several places above -rules go out the door on Bye week.

Doesn’t help that Brian teased on WTKA today that the Fox framing/game-cut made doing the UFRs from this game as easy and enjoyable as he has experienced in a long time.