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Submitted by StephenRKass on September 30th, 2015 at 12:35 PM

This year, I was able to take my 14 year old son to his first game in Ann Arbor. We went to the Oregon State game, and had an awesome experience. The seats were better than any I've ever had, around the 45 yard line, about 35 some rows up. It was obviously a fun game to watch. It was a beautiful day, neither cold nor hot. My son really enjoyed riding around campus on our bicycles, getting some Michigan swag from the MDen, having awesome sandwiches and food from Maize and Blue, seeing students before and after the game, just the whole day.

I'm sure there are hundreds of you who have similar stories, both as sons, and as fathers. There is little unique about this story . . . except for one thing. I was able to go to the game because of the generosity of a fellow mgoblogger. Between my user name and some posts, he tracked me down several years ago. We enjoy having breakfast in the western burbs of Chicago every now and then, living within 10 or so minutes of each other. My fellow blogger graciously and generously made his pair of season tickets available gratis, and just gave them to me, knowing my son would have an experience he'd never forget.

I know that Michigan tickets are like gold to most of you. I know that most of you have family and friends you can give tickets to. I know that you can make a pretty penny for your tickets on stubhub and the like. But it would be great if there was a mechanism to help more of you give your unused tickets to fellow fans, on those occasions when you can't go, and you don't have fam or friends who want to go, and you don't really need the money.

I want to be clear:  I don't want any more tickets for myself. If I go to a game or two a year, that's enough for me. But I want to encourage those of you who have done well in life, who have season tickets, who love Michigan football, to use your tickets in a way that creates wonderful memories for boys and girls somewhere near you. I was touched by someone's kindness, and want to see it happen for others.




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Have season tickets with my fiancee, but she will miss some games due to work/migraines (unfortunately). This will leave me with an extra ticket from time to time which I'd love to share with people who will appreciate it and love to talk football during the game. I'm all for bringing people to the greatest sports venue and experience in the world.


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I am in a similar situation.  I am seeking a spare ticket, anywhere in the stadium, to the Northwestern game, so my grandniece and sit on her daddy's lap, next to me.

I have a spare for the Rutgers game.  THose of us with working/absent spouses/companions should pair up and sell the remaining pair.



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I've been so incredibly fortunate growing up having season tickets. I didn't realize until recently how good I have it. If the blog had a way to share tickets with other MGoBloggers that would be amazing.


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I created he spreadsheet and can confirm I still get daily requests to use it. I generally rubber stamp approvals, I don't have the time to  doublecheck for mgoblog userIDs anymore. If anyone else wants to be an admin over the list, I'd gladly share the reins.

I created it for purposes exactly like what the OP mentions, it used to see high utilization, now its probably only legacy MGoBlog users..


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How could we identify bloggers that are genuinely unable to pay their way, and ones that simply want a free ticket?  Do we rely on the internal guilt to prevent that type of thing?


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That's always a potential problem. There are some people out there who want to game the system and always have their hands out. Personally, I would have been more than happy to pay for the tickets. I offered to pay for the tickets. But the reality is that my fellow blogger was kind, and generous, and it brought him a bit of happiness to see them used. He has a lot more in the way of personal finances than I do, and he was gracious in that.

For him, because we've gotten to know each other, I wasn't just a phone number or a face. He knew I would use them, not re-sell them, and would enjoy them. If you can do that with a fellow mgoblogger, you should usually be good.


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I have five season tickets. I use three. I don't sell them in stubhub. I would love to give them to some michigan fan who would have a memorable experience. It would make me happy as opposed to eating 2-5 seats every once in awhile. Anyway if this becomes a reality- let me know. I have tickets to donate. I'm in


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for BYU my son who normally joins me, had his high school game moved to saturday over some religious bunk...and Homecoming followed so I had an extra set of tix. A friend who lives across the state wantd them, and I contacted the ticket office to see how I could arrange for him to get them. As a season tix holder we have the privelage of selling or donating them through your ticket account. The recipient need only have or set up an account and associate their normal email acct to it, then you can email the tickets to them via the website, and they receive a pdf copy to print. yours become null and void even if you donate them for free...assume this means no fees etc.
in the end he didnt have a way to get here so I donated them to a teacher at our middle school, who took his son for his first ever Bighouse experince...needless to say I essentially gave him gold.


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As a fellow MGoBlogger in the Chicago burbs, I'd be interested in having an mgomeetup with you and anyone else in the Chicago area. I'm out west by Elgin, where are you at?  Maybe we can have a meet and watch party for one of the games this year? Anyone interested can respond to me here or on my gmail which is MikeCohodes (at) or on Twitter @MikeCohodes 

I'd be more than happy to host if anyone wants to make the schlep out to my house. We have a projector so games go up on the big screen in HD, which is always fun.


September 30th, 2015 at 3:34 PM ^

I'm west of woodfield off of 90 @ Randall Road, so I'm not that far away. This weekend doesn't work but email me and we can figure something out for the NW or MSU games. Any other chicago mgobloggers are welcome as well!


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I like this idea simply because there have been times I've been available to go to a game, but no one else is around me, so I end up staying home to watch the game.  If I had an MGoConnection that would have tickets available (even for $$$), I'd love the chance to chat with peope I know are just as crazy about Michigan as I am.

Also, as a non-alum, but life-long fan (family is all from Michigan), I'd love to set up an MGoWatchlist for those of us residing in Buckeye country who would like to get together and watch games with other Wolverines.


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I live in the heart of Ohio, Columbus.  Don't get me wrong, most of the year I enjoy living here.  The economy is great compared to lots of other places and I like my neighborhood.  However, during football season when I'm constantly rocking my UM gear, I get non-stop "you got something on your shirt..." jokes and "Michigan?"  It's annoying as shit.  I couldn't even go to the 4th of July Parade without people IN THE PARADE making comments.  What the hell?  Anyway, all that to say that I'm out next weekend due to parental duties (my wife is working, so I have the kids all day).  I'm hoping to get up there for Rutgers, though.  I appreciate the offer and maybe we can make it work in November?


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I'm looking for Rutgers tickets so I can take my 10 yr old daughter to her first game.
We'll drive in & scalp if we have to, but i'd prefer to know i have seats ahead of time, and reward an MGouser for helping.  
I'd pay, but Stub Hub is a bit spendy for this outing.


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What an amazing idea.  Quick personal history.  Moved to KY in 1990.  I am a director at a 503c youth camp. I have two sons and a daughter.  Although I have watched every UM game that I could (usually 3 or 4 a year on TV) my kids know my passion for UM.  My boys never caught my passion but my 13 year old daughter loves to watch the games with me.  And now thanks to BTN2GO we get to watch all the games.A good friend who had a UM game on his bucket list took me to a game two years ago.  (getting dust in my eyes as I type)  Would love to take my girl.  Some weekends I work but oh for the chance to have my girl see the band take the field (she's in the band), and share that experience.  Wow! 


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On occasion, I have a ticket or two that isn't used. although I may not know about it until the last minute. 

If there is a way to help out an Mgoblogger enjoy a game, I'm in.


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I would love the opportunity to be able to take my fiancé and her 4 year old son to a game!! He has never been to a football game, but I already have him saying "oh how I hate Ohio state" haha

Wolverine In Exile

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I responded to an offer from an MGoBlogger in a comment post about tix that would be unused. We emailed each other even though we had no prior connection, she digitally transferred the tix to me using the MgoBlue site for free, and I was able to take my 6 year old daughter for her birthday to the Big House to watch Michigan stomp on the Rebels. She was so excited to go and it was an awesome experience.

As a META comment, I'd be totally for a diary post each week where people who can' t use their tix for the upcoming game offer them for free using the comment field. No need to neg and the process can be as transparent as the person offering the tix wants it to be. Everyone knows where it is, the mods can allow one thread per week, and since it'd be a diary, it wouldn't get bumped off the front page easily.


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As a season ticket holder from out of state, I've done a fair job selling (at cost)/trading with the folks that sit to my left or right in the stadium. I do still have last minute cancellations, though, so I do have an unused ticket from time to time. Would love to help out a fellow fan if possible rather than have the ticket go to waste. 


September 30th, 2015 at 3:32 PM ^

I've been taking classes online at UM Flint, so I was able to get student tickets. I also have a 6 year old daughter who bleeds maize and blue and I would love to take her to a Michigan game. If anyone has two tickets to any upcoming game and is only going to use one, I'd trade you my student ticket (and get it validated) for your two tickets. She has been bugging me to go to a game, I just can't buy two tickets when I already have the one! [email protected]

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I like this idea. I don't have season tickets but I have given away tickets when some of my buddies have had to bail on the last minute. Yeah I have to eat a little bit of money but I think it is worth it. It's nice to do things like that. 


I know the big games makes tickets hard to come by but I am always willing to pay face value for the big games if anyone would be kind enough to sell them. I have never been to a big rivalry game and one day I hope I can get to one without paying $175+ for the tickets. 


October 1st, 2015 at 5:34 PM ^

We are looking to go to the Sparty game - traveling up from Texas. Stubhub has the lowest at $188 for just 1.

Does anyone know an alternative way to get 2-4 tix together?

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