Meta: Our One Hope for Michigan in 2011

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on January 1st, 2011 at 12:35 AM

I think we can all agree, with whomever we believe should coach in any myriad of sports moving forward, that we hope and trust they execute their duties with respect, character and skill, representing this school with those traits that makes us proud to be fans of this great school. And that the young men and women who represent our University continue to show the character, intelligence and success that truly makes them Michigan.

Be safe, have fun and represent in a way that continues the integrity and success that all the legends of our school embody.

Happy New Year to all and the best of luck to our men in Blue tomorrow.




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But are mere mortals like you and me going to Take the Field against Iowa?  Or Michigan State?  Of course not.  But our players are still the smartest and Most Likely to Succeed in the B1G.  So sit back and bask in that knowledge.  We can't always make our team win, but we can at least know that they are superior in the way that matters to their opponents.


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Damn, you got me tearing up on the inside.  Personally, I'd just like the year to start off with a simple and sweet victory tomorrow.  Now is that too much to ask?


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This post is the truth. I feel like the true fans will always feel this way. No matter what happens, we will support UM no matter what happens and will be forever grateful for the Saturdays we get to watch them touch the banner and show us what is truly meant in being a Michigan Wolverine football fan.


/love for UM football


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1. End the CC (or at least the threads, for fcuk sake); I'm looking at you Brandon.

2. Denard for Heisman v2.0

3. Tate redemption tour 2011

4. Welcome back Mike Martin

5. Tressel retires after Rodriguez and Wolverines run up the score 77 - 6 ("Tressel: "I'd have taken Robinson out for those last five scores")

Happy Jack

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I wish there was a part of the board where only reasonable people can go because shit like this makes sense.  No wonder politicians never get anything done- we all root for the same team and it's a mess right now........ 
but u gotta remember sometimes the heart of the matter and this is it. 


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While that's a great sentiment it isn't likely to happen here anymore than in politics.  And it isn't because most  people are just jerks.   In both arenas, the vast majority of people agree on the result they want, they just disagree on how to get to that result.   (Sure, there are some RR supporters that appear to support him more than M, just as there are some that want him gone that have wanted him gone from the start, but that's not the majority of either group)  And, in our case, we don't even have the "political" solution avialable to us, i.e. "splitting the difference," since there is no way that RR and JH are going to be co-coaches.  Without that solution available to us, each side defends their preferred solution even more intensely.

Yeah, this whole period has been painful, and at times far too heated, but that is because so many here care passionately about the Team.  That's not a "bad thing."  We ALL want the Wolverines to be dominant, we just disagree about the best path forward.  Once whoever is the HC going forward starts winning consistently, most of the fanbase will fully support him.