meta: new "sport" classification

Submitted by Brian on April 16th, 2010 at 2:16 AM

You'll notice a new "sport" field you have to fill in to post a diary or message board post. This does nothing right now, but is required. In the next couple months I intend on launching sport-specific drilldown pages that contain only posts/diaries/forum topics about that sport, so that people who care about baseball or hockey can quickly find everything that's going on about that sport and people who only care about football can excise everything else. Setting this up now will make those pages look not naked. Items given a "N/A" will appear on the homepage but not the drilldown pages. Same with "other." Please only file items about college sports under the sports above. It's okay if it's about a rival or even a relatively unrelated team, but no pro stuff. I started off with a subset of sports that MGoBlog covers regularly. If someone pops up to cover wrestling or women's BB or something else we can add those whenever said pages would not embarrassingly sparse.