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In the incredibly unlikely scenario that Harbaugh does not become the head coach of Michigan and is abducted by aliens (I can't think of any other reason he wouldn't become Michigan's coach), what would we all do?  SERIOUSLY?  What would we do!? Currently we have a thread dedicated to Harbaugh themed Christmas songs.  Have we ever had so many eggs in one basket?  Is that basket woven from Harbaugh's hair and are those eggs actually tiny Harbaugh heads with little headsets on that are singing Harbaugh Christmas songs?  I would be worried about the health of the fans and people I don't even know.  Seriously, what would you do guys?  Should I be worried about my own health? Is the fact that I'm actually posting this thread answering that question?






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Honestly this is a very real possibility. The longer this goes, the more backup plans become unavailable. It harbaugh says no, the backups are probably


.... Roughly in that order, but none of the three are sure things by any means.

Unless it ends up being a dark horse candidate no one is talking about, a la RR 2007, that pretty much leaves Schiano.

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Has me anxious to get the final word. If yes, I would drink and feel good next year. If no, I will drink and feel depressed.

If it is a no, I would be happy with a Miles, Mullen or Bob Stoops hire. I would shrug it off and feel optimistic heading into the new year.

If we get a rotten plan C coach, I will be depressed for the entire year, and waiting for the next Harbaugh to Michigan campaign in 3 or 4 of poor football seasons.


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I'd accept the fact that I have officially entered bizarro-world, where my greatest hope of a Championship lies with the Chicago Cubs. (I'm a UM Football, UM Basketball, Bears, & Cubs fan) ... FML


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Cubs will have a title within 5 years, IMO. The rest on that list? UM BB is on solid footing but won't be an every year monster as much as an every other year Sweet 16ish team. The Bears blew their wad on Jay Michigan Football doesn't exist right now almost literally. Even with Harbaugh it will take a couple years to beat the sally & entitlement out of this team. Cubs are your best bet. I'm all SE MI so I'm f'd. The Lions are my hope and it's tiny and this year. Wings are old and in a different era of NHL than before, NBA is a joke and UM is as mentioned. Oh, Tigers. Not even a big baseball fan but they'll be a contender yet miss the playoffs or get outed in one series.


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Exactly, my best chance is with a team that hasn't won since before my Grandparents existed ... that's where I'm at in my sports life. I turned 30 in June and none of my teams have won a meaningful and/or rivalry game since. Bears got trounced by the Packers, MBB lost to all their ranked opponents, and UM Football lost everything. The Cubs signing Jon Lester has been the highlight of my 30's so far -- sportswise.


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I've been old enough to enjoy a few Piston titles (but I funny like the NBA), was too young for the 84 Tigers, highlight of my Lions life is '91 as a pre-double digit aged kid BUT I do recall '97 with glorious clarity and age! Oh, and we were robbed of the national title on my bday a few years back. I was young but remember the Fab5 as well. Yet, I don't see a title from anyone anytime soon. I started equating that auth my age right around 29, as well.


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I think it will be like the end of the movie Seven.  We will see the post Hello: Schiano or something like that and all be all like "What's in the thread!?!?!?!"  We'll know what is in the thread, but we will still ask.  Our brains will refuse reality and shudder at the terror of what is held within the thread.


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Would Hackett be to blame or would it be the people responsible for hiring a president who has no interest in athletics and thusly hired an interim AD who has pretty much the same credentials as the former AD who was run out of town for being a terrible AD who hired someone that was ill-equipped for the job? 


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What I do when a girl breaks up with me... drink, not shower, force myself to sleep even though it's the middle of the day and stay on my pajamas for at least a week remembering what could have been.


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I would take a deep breath and go to bed. When I wake up I would remind myself to breath
And take up knitting as a hobby. I would try and forget about college sports. I would
Make a date with a psychologist. I would finish my honey do list. I would crawl
Into a corner with my blanket and cry. That's what I would do


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at the holiday song thread. The other night/day was my "unless it's from coach or AD I'm not listening" moment. That thread was my "how f'n stupid I'd this going to get, I don't care anymore" moment. I think the bigger question is if (sorry, IF...HUGE IF) we get him what will we do if he fails? Consider it: It's year four and we're not anything more than a Wisconsin level team. Not bad but not kicking ass by any means. What then? If he comes (I want him to) and fails (I don't want him to) it has to be the end of Michigan as we all know/knew it. No more "Bo guys", etc. He's the top of the mountain that remains or won't be 65+ by then. What if he fails? I'm prepared to hear him potentially say he never had any interest as he stands at an NFL podium. I'm ready for that and we all should be. The bigger question is what if he fails to stomp dicks in the dirt within the first 4 or ever?