Meta: Basic HTML for Posting is Gone

Submitted by Zone Left on February 18th, 2011 at 3:41 PM

I just searched for ShockFX's Basic HTML for Posting, and it's coming up as "Page Not Found." I understand that most of the tools are now available in the toolbar, but images, for example, seem to turn out better using the HTML coding instead of the toolbar.

Any help?



February 19th, 2011 at 9:51 AM ^

That thread can still be found through Google's cache feature. See this link.

Here's ShockFX's original post from that thread:

Basic HTML for Posting (plain editor)

NEW NOTE: This stuff works in the plain editor, not the fancy new one. You can switch to the plain text editor by clicking the link below the fancy new editor.

Quick note, in order to make the tags inactive and display the syntax, remove all ^ from the text when trying this yourself.Syntax can now be used "as is" thanks to a contributor to this post.

Images: (Note, you can remove the [], just keep the "" for the URL) Standard: <img src="[URL GOES HERE]"/> Resized: <img src="[URL GOES HERE]" width="#" height="#"/> Where width and height can be altered in two ways. One is to explicitly set the size in pixels. Use width="100px" height="100px" to resize the image to 100x100. Or, use width="50%" height="50%" to resize the image to 50% of original size.

Youtube: Copy and paste the code from the specific youtube video page. On the right of the screen, under the user info, there is typically 2 boxes. URL and Embed. If you click in the Embed text box all the text should highlight. Just copy paste that here and it will work. I searched "youtube embed circle" and this is the first image result:

Links: <a href="[URL GOES HERE]">[Whatever you want the link to appear as goes here]</a> Example: Whatever you want the link to appear as goes here

From BlueDurham on linking: For another post of ShockFX's in a diary it would be: The comment number can be found in the address if you hit the reply button for a specific post - its the last number of the address. To direct to a specific comment in a board [or one of Brian's articles (labeled story)], again another of ShockFX's past comments: To type something but not have it link or do the HTML thing bracket it with "&lt;" and "&gt;" For example, the link to this post is: &lt;; = <;

More from BlueDurham: To "Marquee" text: <marquee>The text</marquee> shows: The text You can do multiple things at once: To put blinking small italicized text into a yellow box: <blockquote><blink><small><i>The text</i></small></blink></blockquote> shows:

The text

Yeah, I know, this comment is quite obnoxious with all of the stuff going on.

Yet more from BlueDurham:

& followed by rarr; (right arrow, →), larr; (←), uarr; (↑), darr; (↓), harr; (↔), capitalize the A in the above gives you a double arrow, e.g. rArr; (⇒), and crarr; (↵).

<sub>2</sub> shows up as 2
similarly, superscript is <sup>2</sup> shows up as 2

strike through

<strike>word</strike> gives word

Bringing it all together - something near and dear to all most of our hearts, the crucial process of fermentation is shown below:

C6H12O6 → 2C2H5OH + 2CO2