Mesko Academic All-American

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Did not see this posted anywhere so i figured i would put it up. The article is on M-Live and i know some people hate M-Live so i will sum it up.

Mesko was voted to the ESPN Academic All-American first team, in addition to being a finalist for the Ray Guy and voted to the first team All-Big Ten. Mesko is the 18th Wolverine to receive the honor and the first since 1999. I think that this really speaks to the character of Mesko. The kid is an amazing punter that should have a future in the NFL and is about to graduate from one of the best business Universities in the country. The article also says that Mesko is enrolling in the Michigan sports management master's program. Again i think that we should all applauded Mesko on his achieve and wish him the best of luck in his future.



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I had German with Zoltan and he's a smart guy. Contrast that to Boren, who told me that he was majoring in general studies so that he could avoid the foreign language requirement - lol.


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The Space Emperor and Traitor should not be mentioned in the same post - However, I did get a lot of enjoyment out of this, so, thank you.

Congrats Z!

This honor must come as mostly meaningless to the Emperor of all things in the universe, but none-the-less a nice pickup for him.

May he continue blasting projectiles in and out of the milky way galaxy for whatever NFL team is smart enough to draft him.


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Huh, I wonder how they do eligibility for this. Because Zoltan definitely graduated in the Spring (Winter semester) of this year. That, or there was another 6'7" Romanian Space Punter in front of me at graduation.


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Zoltan graduated last winter term. He's been enrolled in the sports management master's program this Fall. I'm assuming they use GPA from last Winter and this Fall to figure it out. But yes, he did indeed graduate from undergrad.