Meryl and Charlie did it again tonight

Submitted by superstringer on January 26th, 2013 at 10:24 PM

5th straight US championship for them. Favored to win Gold next year at Olympics.

If you dont know who this refers to, check your UM Fan credentials again.



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Probably too late to post this since it's dropped off page 1, but now that I've watched my tape of the finals, I feel compelled:

The male halves of all three ice-dancing medal teams are in the picture above (as their slightly younger selves), along with their then college roommate, Trevor Young (a pairs skater who then posted he was going to come back to do a Masters in Industrial and Operations Engineering).  I believe Alex Shibutani (lower right-hand corner) and his sister Maia had been silver medalists the last two years, and Evan had been out with an injury.  Now that Evan's back with a new partner, they've swept the medals, and all with exquisite routines.  Congrats again.  (And I love that the picture is courtesy of Meryl!)


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Really? Ice dancing knowledge is a prerequisite to earning a Michigan fan card? Next thing you'll tell me I need to know is who runs the second leg on the women's 4x100.


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Who is running in the 4x1 is probably more important, considering they actually compete in an M jersey.  

No disrespect at all to these M ice dancers, but they're not UM athletes, they're athletes who are UM students.  It's great that many of you know them, but it does now affect your UM fanhood if you don't know who they are.  

I'm sure there are many UM students doing incredible things that most of us don't know about.


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But I bet you don't mind associating him with the University. And he didn't even really finish being a student. We had a number of athletes track and otherwise at the last Olympics. They're kind of a big deal around the world.

It wasn't worded the most politically, but he didn't say "if you didn't watch it you're not a real Michigan fan." No one said you have to like ice dancing. Just HEARD of them. And if one has never heard of them I'm guessing that person is just a fan of football; and maybe basketball, now. The type of guy screaming to "take Denard out, put in Tate!" last season probably thinks of himself as a diehard fan too. Just not a very well informed one.


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Glad to see that a funny and completely innocent comment aimed at a horrible OP was met with a nasty comment stereotyping those who drink Coors Light and eat at BW3. What does that mean exactly? Sounds like you were beaten up quite a bit for some reason in high school. Keep your asinine generalities to yourself.


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Hey, I fucking love Coors Light.  I can drink a shitload of it without spending much money, and I try to drink as much of it as possible, especially during the summer.  There's nothing gender normative about it.  

The only real problem with it is when my dumb wife mistakes it for her Diet Coke when I tell her to grab me one from the fridge.

Feat of Clay

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I think you meant to say "Wow, I did not know about these two kickass Michigan students and their accomplishments in the world arena for their sport.  Thank you"

I mean, it's fine, even understandable, to not know sh*t about ice dancing, even without a genital check.  But I'd like to think that Michigan fans would be glad to fill in that small knowledge gap given who Davis/White are.