Mens swimming and diving wins 36th Big Ten Title

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Okay I don't follow this sport one bit at all. But being a fan of all sports that involve the University of Michigan I want all sports mens and women to do well. Now I do know one thing they won the Big Ten championship today for the 36th time. So I just thought they deserved a huge standing or sitting behind a computer Way to go boys. I don't think this is off topic cause its U of M but if it is let me know and I will fix. Just thought they deserved a thread of their own.



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wolverine historian I have to believe 36 Big Ten titles has to be second to only the football team. Does anyone without doing any know if that is the case or is their a sporting team who has more than 36 or the 42 { I think it is 42 for football off the top of my head} ?


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Naw, it's something to do while I can't sleep. Don't worry about it, it really won't be for you. I've been looking for a diary idea and this is a good one, so thanks.

Also, did you know there isn't a concise list of UM championships in one place? Football, basketball and hockey are easy, but even on MGoBlue, individual teams don't list their accomplishments in summarized form. WTF DB?

Sneak peek: I think the 36 number is wrong. Going by Bentley, it's 31 not including 2012. Assuming Bentley has the correct number, men's tennis is still outpacing S/D with 35. Men's track has the most individual titles with 303(?!?!?), but water polo is the most successful on a years/championships ratio.

Edit: Go check it out. Also, be sure to read the last paragraph and give feedback in the comments there. That goes for everyone reading this thread, no exceptions.


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This program has been incredible.  Jon Urbanchek is the Bo of swimming and Mike Bottom is its Hoke.

Do we have any Olympians this year?  It's been very cool having the Olympics as free publicity for the program every four years.


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Is and always will be a coaching legend. His unique brand of training was copied globally by thousands of other coaches, in addition to being one of the nicest and incredibly humble people I've ever met.

I honestly can't think of any other programs that dominate so thoroughly in their conference (in men's sports anyway) the way Michigan swimming does. Congrats to the team and Mike Bottom for another fantastic year!


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1. MICHIGAN             738.5
2. Ohio State             552.5
3. Indiana                  549
4. Minnesota             403
5. Iowa                       395
6. Penn State            332
7. Purdue                   316
8. Wisconsin             225
9. Northwestern        157
10. Michigan State    113

UM Reject

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Thanks so much for posting this, manchild! I would have but I am a lowly man of few mgopoints. Our men's swimming program is arguably one of the most successful sport's program at the University of Michigan. What is scary is that once we land some top flight divers, we will be a perennial swimming powerhouse nationally!

A word to the Mgo community. My monicker, umreject, is not a negative towards the university, rather a constant reminder to myself to try harder. I screwed around in high school and though I grew up loving UM, I wasn't good enough to get in, hence the reject. (I received my undergrad and masters down the road at EMU). Now I'm a high school teacher and espouse just how important it is to get into a great university.

Go Blue!