Mens basketball twitter handle warmups

Submitted by ThadMattasagoblin on November 29th, 2013 at 5:28 PM

Is this going to be a thing now? Why do our warmups say tweet it up? It seems like Dave Brandon cares a ton about little things to make our program look like a glorified minor league baseball team instead of caring about the on field performance of our teams and Al Borges.


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I don't know about the rest of your post, but I really didn't like the shirts.  Normally, the warmups are something that I look to buy, but nothing that looks like that will make it in to my closet.


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It out he wants the teams to suck so he can market the crap out of it. Seriously it's time to acknowledge the future or at least the freakin present.

The game has changed those that don't adapt get left behind. I don't like a lot of it either but I also don't have the privilege of understanding the strategy or intent and I'm sure both of those are meant to help not hurt.


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Oh my goodness what is the big deal. If the kids that are actually on the team love it then so what. Times change and for those stuck on tradition I understand that but remember a tradition has to start from somewhere.


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Is there anything that the AD can do, outside of giving tickets away for free, that will make people happy?

Yeah, the twitter thing is a little tacky.  But jeez people, its the warm ups against a team most of us have never heard of before during thanksgiving break.  I feel like people here look for reasons to rage at the Athletic Department, and every single little thing they do is the cause of ire on the blog.


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The anti Dave Brandon/AD circle jerk on this blog is ridiculous some times.  

Yes.  In a perfect world we would be the same program that we were in the 1970s.  But the problem is the world has changed.  If we transplanted our program in 1970 to now, then there is no way in hell we could keep up with the Bamas and Oregons of the world.  We either have to get with it, and try to modernize accordingly, or we will fall by the wayside.


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But we have to modernize the things that matter, like the play on the field. Maybe that's coming, and maybe it's not, but if we were seeing a consistently solid football team on the field, who could compete outside the Big Ten as well (with good teams, not just MAC teams), a) people wouldn't be so preoccupied with what new gimmick the AD was putting out, and b) the AD might not feel they needed to put out as much gimmicky stuff. 

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"Is there anything that the AD can do, outside of giving tickets away for free, that will make people happy?"


Sure, realize that he doesn't have to "build" a brand at Michigan.  The amount of money that the school brings in from product sales hasn't changed relative to their peers as a result of all of the stuff he has done.  While the dollar amount has increased, I believe that as of the last time the rankings of collegiate sales were released, Michigan was sitting in the same position in the top 5 that they generally are at.  So even if he is being successful at bringing in new consumers, he is negating that by driving people away.  Why not try to keep the people he has, and use them to bring in new people.  It has worked for a very long time, so maybe this is a case of not needing to reinvent the wheel.


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For the low (ha!) price of $50, the AD would print a shirt with your twitter handle, foam hand 3 goggles, and an upper bowl ticket for the game. They called it a tweet up. Retweeted folk in the stands using a specific hash tag. Should just be a one time event


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Getting upset over this. Oregon has a million uniforms and everyone says it's great for recruits and the team. DB does anything at all and he's selling out Michigan. I give up. Let DB do his job and shut up and enjoy Michigan sports...or not!


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DB said we would never wear alternate unis in the big house again and it was a one time thing against ND.  Surprise, we're wearing them for our biggest rival. I'm 19 and love night games etc. but I do not get the fascination with wearing a uniform that doesn't belong to you with various stripes and what not.


November 29th, 2013 at 6:06 PM ^

In a perfect world we would be like the traditional programs like Alabama who are excellent at blending tradition with the new. I like night games, the suites, the big scoreboards.  I always laughed at programs like Oregon and Maryland who sold their soul for marketing and now we are becoming just like them.


November 29th, 2013 at 6:16 PM ^

To run the Athletic Dept. because you've successfully run so many multi-million dollar enterprises in the past. Or perhaps I can hire you to teach my kids how not to whine? Neither? I thought you'd have one of the two down by the time you leaned how to post on a blog....

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The irrationality on this thread is ridiculous. Quick...without looking it up, how many of you can say what state Coppin State is in? This was a fun one-time thing, that is 100% about the student-athletes on the team and 0% about any of you, and that's how it should be. Coach Alexander is known as a legendary tweeter, and its not like this is taking any focus off of a competitive game. So many of you have decided that Brandon can do no right, when the AD is doing better under him than it has in decades. He is a great director, his methods do seem a little corporate at times, but that's reality folks...

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This wasn't at all about the team.  Did you not see the flyer that someone posted earlier in the thread?  This was an attempt to sell tickets in the upper level for $50.  How is that about the team?

As far as Coach Alexander being a legendary tweeter, who do you think knows about that?  I'm guessing the majority of his followers that aren't basketball players are also readers of this website as well.  It is only the crazy people like us that follow the guy, not including myself because I don't use twitter, but I'm still crazy enough to have an MGotab on my browser.

It just feels like yet another poorly thought out idea to "build the brand" by the AD.  Every time I hear about building the brand it annoys me, because he seems to fail to realize that building the brand isn't about change when it comes to Michigan.  The Michigan brand is built around tradition.