Men's Gymnastics - Former and current stars shine at the Winter Cup national invitational

Submitted by Michigasling on February 18th, 2019 at 10:54 AM

Four current members of the Men's Gymnastics team were invited to participate in the 2019 Winter Cup, an invitational meet used in determining the US junior and senior national teams.  Current members of the U.S. team compete as well, including Sam Mikulak (of course) and Adrian de los Angeles, who was 2nd to Sam in the all-around in both of M's collegiate championships of that era but whose injuries kept him from much post-college competition.  

Three of M's four made the finals (senior Emyre Cole and sophomores Cameron Bock & Jacob Moore), with only freshman Kevin Penev, last year a member of the US junior team, not making the cut. So his big brother Eddie, a former Stanford star who's on the current US team, was placed with the mostly Michigan group in the finals (along with Sam, Adrian, and the sole Minnesota finalist). One of the highlights (for me) was seeing how thrilling it was for the current Michiganders to be able to run up and slap palms with their idols as a "colleague" and not just a fan. 

Top results: Floor - Sam, Jacob & Emyre placed 1, 2 & 4 respectively; Pommel - Sam, Cameron & Adrian 2, 3 & 7; Rings - Sam & Cameron 3 & 6; Parallel Bars - Adrian & Sam 1 & 2; High Bar - Sam 1 and Cameron 5. 

Pics, in no particular order: (not mine, obviously; and so far only one, see below)

Jacob Moore - I'm guessing this is vault...

Emyre: [OK.  Somebody teach me how to add the other two.  I somehow managed to figure out how to do the first one-- which was so easy on the old system, rant, rant-- and I added two more that only show up as links on the preview page.]




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I was disappointed to see that Bock didn’t get to hold his spot on the Sr National Team. Still, he’s been quite good in NCAA competition so far this year, and definitely looks to be ahead of last season. 

Thanks for the recap!