Memorable Michigan goal line stands

Submitted by jmblue on October 15th, 2017 at 2:16 PM

It seems there hasn't been too much talk about the superb game-winning goal line stand yesterday.  IU ran a total of five (!) plays inside our three-yard line, gaining a yard on the first play but zero for the next four.

That makes two trips in a row to Bloomington that we've won the game with a defensive stand on the line.

What have been some other memorable goal line stands?  The one that most comes to mind for me in the 1993 PSU one.  And of course there was 2015 Minnesota, though their clock management helpfully prevented them from running a full set of downs.  What are others we've had?



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That was the first away Michigan game I ever attended. I had just got my learners permit, and my dad thought it would be a great idea to have me drive with him to Happy Valley for the game.

That trip taught me two things. First, Happy Valley is a dump. Second, never go to rural Pennsylvania without a hotel reservation the first week of hunting season.


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1993 Penn St hands down. Coming into that game, and even during the telecast, the talk was about how beleaguered the Michigan defense was at that point in the season. To come up with a 4 down stonewalling on the road in the first ever meeting between the two schools was something special.

SD Larry

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at the end of yesterday's game and the one vs. Minnesota are two of the best I can remember.  Yesterday's was just tremendous.   Thought staff was smart to call time out as well after 2nd or 3rd play yesterday to give the D a blow as well.  In only his second year at Michigan, Don Brown is The Boss of Dudes. 

Couzen Rick's

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2015 Indiana, technically maybe 2004 MSU? Wasn't right on the goal line but I believe they had goal to go.If we're counting 2 point converts then 2010 Illinois and the infamous M00N game in 2014.

My fanhood is relatively young so I definitely have a recency bias.

Obviously YMMV with how memorable those all were


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2008 Wisconsin: They scored with 13 seconds left but we stopped them on the tying 2 point conversion( after a penalty wiped out a successful attempt) to give us the win.

2010 Illinois: Also stopped them on 2 point conversion to win, this time in 3OT, in a game where literally no defense was played all game(67-65).

These may be shitty examples since they were during our dark years, but they were memorable to me since I was at both of these games.


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The halloween game against Minny. Which gave us the unfortunate glimpse into our future qb Wilton Speight. Dude looked lost out there. Like a deer caught in headlights. I know he had the TD and we won... but go back and watch his first few drives again.


Also, Indiana 2 years ago in Bloomington. I remember that game fondly. We couldn't stop the run ALL GAME. And then on the last play of the game, for some reason, they tried to throw and they ended up losing.


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Speight looked lost those first few drives, but that TD pass (and 2-point conversion) was clutch.  The guy's a bit up and down but he's had his moments.  If we'd gotten the 4th-down call to go our way in Columbus, his 4th and goal pass would be legend.  


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Speight was a RS freshman whom nobody expected to even be the backup, coming into the game unexpectedly against a hard (and dirty) hitting defense with a live nighttime crowd, operating an offense that wasn't exactly tearing it up prior to the injury.

I thought the game was over when he came in, figuring we had zero chance to score. Instead, Speight produced a gutsy TD and the vital 2-point conversion.

Very, very cheap to find something to bash from that performance in those circumstances. It was magnificent.