Meltdown Time - Week 5

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Not sure how this hasn't been posted with USC, LSU, and Tennessee losing this week. Also Ole Miss vs Bama went about as well as you'd think. 


My fav Ole Miss quote"  Ole Miss on the phone with the NCAA right now trying to get them to vacate this loss



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My kids like Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches for a quick bite in the morning before we leave for school. They don't think they come with cheese. Papa's come with double cheese though...

It's the little things that keep a parent from going bed to bed holding pillows over faces in the middle of the night.


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fan goes "in all fairness to Darnold he played about as well as he could have with the entire announcing crew hanging from his nut sack."

Now that is funny.


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ESPN: “Did you see the way Darnold took that loss? That was an NFL caliber way to take a loss. He is truly incredible.” Most important quality for a Browns QB


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I watched that game. The broadcast team was definitely giving Darnold the Matty Ice treatment*

*Remember when Matt Ryan was near the end at BC and the entire world was polishing his pole? There were entire games where every completion was "an NFL throw" and every incompletion was "a pro decision".


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ESPN is also the place where Trent Dilfer honestly said that a bunch of QBs would throw the keys to Mark Sanchez and have him drive, because of his amazing leadership and alpha-dog nature.  I, of course, assumed the real reason was they all thought he was the valet.

It's a thing ESPN does.  If you can talk up a vanilla QB who "plays the game intelligently", ESPN will beat that point into the ground.

Mike Damone

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"Butch Jones fucks five 2's and says he fucked a 10."

The story of the LSU fan at the tailgate with his son and dad at the bottom of article is hilarious, worth a read.

Awesome article - thanks for posting!


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I love life anytime USC, Tennessee, Ole Miss and LSU w/ da Coach O lose. Brian is absolutely right Orgeron is LSU's Brady Hoke only worse. At least Hoke's former teams would eventually win some games. 


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Growing up I fondly remember my dad taking me to LSU games every time we got the chance. We’d hang out with his old college buddies playing cornhole, eating gumbo and they’d have some beers, you know the deal. It was such a special time with so many cherished memories with my father, especially when we’d win. The past few years I’ve been taking my son trying to create some of those memories for him. Today is one of those days I know he’ll remember forever, because I’m sure it’s impossible to forget watching your dad get shitfaced screaming at the tailgate, then seeing your team lose their homecoming game to Troy, then watching your drunkass dad trip and knock the pot of gumbo all over himself, then piss his pants in front of God and everybody. I don’t think I can go back to that tailgate anymore.


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"Ole Miss vs Alabama is like watching David & Goliath except David already got fired for calling Bathsheba from his university phone."


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The solution to all our problems is firing Ed Orgeron and naming Ed Orgeron the interim head coach

I legit nearly choked on my food when I read that.