Mel Pearson named a finalist for college hockey Coach of the Year

Submitted by Wolverine In Iowa 68 on March 27th, 2018 at 5:24 PM

Pretty self-explanatory, The Wolverines' first-year head coach is one of nine finalists for the American Hockey Coaches Association Spencer Penrose Award, given annually to the Division I Coach of the Year.





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Congrats to Mel, I hope he wins. Im so happy that he is here . I wish he would have came back sooner, but Red earned the right  to go out on his own terms .


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My question doesn’t deserve own thread, but hockey related, so I will drop it here.

Just started following college hockey after I was lucky enough to go to a game at Yost. Why is there almost two weeks in between advancing to the Frozen 4 and the actual Frozen 4. Is that normal or is it to avoid conflicts with basketball’s Final 4?


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Thanks - was all excited for another basketball/hockey/basketball/hockey weekend

Guess it will be spread out to basketball/basketball then hockey/hockey the next weekend.

Probably better for my health anyways, last weekend almost killed me.


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The regionals end on Sunday, and hockey insists on having Thursday-Saturday finals.  Back when there wasn't a week off, that only gave teams and fans 3 days between qualifying for the Frozen Four and actually playing in it.  It wasn't very convenient for the fans who wanted to follow their team.

If they went to Saturday-Monday finals, like basketball does, this wouldn't be a problem and they could move the second round of the tournament to this off week, and have the first two rounds on separate weeks.



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I don't understand how Jerry York is on the list this year. I think Pearson is the early favorite, but since three of them are in the Frozen Four, I doubt it's sewed up. Maybe it should be, but OSU has been impressive as well.


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To have nine finalists but it is the NCAA....

Not an objective view but this is a no brainer....from a program in a bit of a downward spiral to one of the better teams in the NCAA since the 1st of the year.....Mel definitely deserves this one.

SF Wolverine

March 28th, 2018 at 9:01 AM ^

Seems like Mel has the early edge here.  OSU has been great, but for Mel to go from 0-60 with essentially the same talent is a testament to his skill as a coach.


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OSU was supposed to be good. ND was supposed to be good. MN-Duluth was in the playpoffs last year.

No other coach took a team from nowhere to the Frozen Four.



Just give Mel the damn COTY award already.