Mel Kuiper and McShay discuss RR

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Anyone else see this?  Kuiper just thinks he needs the ILL and Purdue wins and build from there and build a good class around denard, and needs a little more luck on the injuries.


McShay thinks he will be fired if he doesn't beat OSU because of what happened with every other coach in the rivalry that hasn't won



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McShay also said Carr got fired because he couldnt beat OSU at the end...which isnt true Carr never got take it for what its worth.  I dont think it comes down to the OSU game...Illinois and Purdue are MUST WIN GAMES PERIOD!!! Build from there...

el segundo

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There are lots of different ways to fire people.  Kicking them upstairs, into a vaguely defined position with no significant responsibility, is one way to fire them.

I don't know what happened with Carr.  I doubt he was fired.  But the fact that he got a do-little job as an assistant AD does not prove that he left coaching entirely on his own accord.


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If by "pressure" you mean angry message board commenters and spittle-flecked callers to sports radio talk shows, yes there was "pressure" on Lloyd Carr to retire.

If by "pressure" you refer to athletic directors, university presidents, boards of regents, or influential alumni or athletic department donors, or anybody else who actually had the slightest fucking thing to do with what would happen to LC, there was no "pressure" for Carr to step down. And you can't produce a single verifiable piece of evidence or fact to the contrary, aside from angry comments on message boards.


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Wisconsin fired Alvarez when he went from HC to AD.

Being a head coach of a D1 program is lots of work and lots of stress.  You have to be constantly on the road recruiting.  During the season, you have to have long hours to prepare your game plans and practice sessions.  Then you have to get 18-22 year olds to perform consistently at a high level.  And when things go wrong, a bunch of pencilnecks on a blog criticize your every move. 

So, I can understand wanting to retire from coaching, but still wanting to be an important part of a university supporting the people who help turn boys into men.  When you have worked with young people all of your life, watching them grow and mature is something that becomes very important to you and gets "into your blood".  I'm sure as assistant to the AD, Lloyd gets to work with young athletes, helping them turn into adults, and he's happy with his new job.  I don't think that he feels like he got fired at all.


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I'm sure as assistant to the AD, Lloyd gets enjoyed continuing to have the chance able to work with young athletes, helping them turn into adults, and he's he was happy with his new post-HC job.

Lloyd resigned from this Asst AD position during the summer.


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That would be like telling someone they can live if they find a cure for cancer.  It's going to happen eventually, but probably not anytime soon.  So I think that is a ridiculous statement from him.  I do, however, think that a win against OSU would secure his job no matter what else happened.

His Dudeness

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Kuiper also takes money to take phone calls from agents with recruits to tell them which colleges to go to. Kuiper doesn't know dick unless it's how to grow that pocket book.


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I can agree with kiper's take on it. I didn't personally see or hear this till now but with the amount of starters returning (not surprising with all the true freshmen playing now haha) I deff think next yr can be alot better taking in account we don't get hit by the injury bug again. That being said I feel that we squeak out ILL., Handle purdue, and then keep it close, although shocking, with OSU. Maybe with the NCAA ruling in our favor with all these rule violations, it might be the dawn of a new day a possible the climax/turn around point for our program!




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Let us all remember that Todd McShay once listed Jevan Snead as the best QB in college football and a sure-fire first rounder, and also figured Donovan Warren would be a 2nd rounder at worst.  These guys are paid to create controversy and debate, so one of them will say RR should be gone and the other says he should stay so that they can fill the 4 minutes between Brett Favre injury update segments.


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that hasn't won in this rivalry.

Who is McShay talking about? Earl Bruce? Bruce was 5-4 over Michigan.

Does he mean John Cooper? Cooper wasn't just fired over his ridiculous 2-10-1 record vs. Michigan. That was big, but he was also fired over his horrendous 3-8 bowl record. 

Bo was only 11-9-1 against OSU over 20 years. Bo was an awful 5-12 in bowl games. Regardless, UM and college football has sanctified the man.

McShay is an freaking idiot with no sense of perspective.

Kuiper is right, except Michigan won't beat Illinois on Saturday, so there's that.


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They also dominated Ind and PSU based off of Turnovers..  In either of those games the most they scored Offensively was 20 something pts.. So basically if we don't turn it over and score like we can we should have a chance..  But once again i see our D not being able to stop them.. even with their freshman qb


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They coughed up 4 turnovers against a good defense. I don't see this defense creating or being given four turnovers. At best, we maybe are given 1 turnover Saturday, because I highly doubt we will be creating them.


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Cooper was also fired because his players had become an embarassment to the university. Several were arrested just before his firing and one WR was ineligible with a Blutarsky-esque 0.0 GPA. He had certainly worn out the patience of OSU fans with his record against UM, but his players disciplinary and academic failings were the causus belli for his firing.


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No more talking about RR being fired or situations that would keep him or lose him his job until after OSU. That way we have a full season of work instead of "ifs" and "maybes". I mean this is getting repetitive and old.

Anyone with me?


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Given how productive the offense has been (top 5 nationally) and that includes 3-4 games with Denard on the bench, I can't see RR being let go.........why would solves nothing. With the lack of depth on defense from attrition/graduation/injuries, it would be hard for any coach to turn this defense around.

As far as beating OSU is concerned, I don't remember LC having much success with an NFL caliber roster (Henne, Hart, Long, etc.) at the end and he wasn't let go, I don't see that happening here either............if it's ok to lose to teams like the '10 edition of PSU (bad), but we should fire the coach because he can't beat a really good OSU team, that logic just doesn't make sense.

Lets get our injured DB's healthy, bring in 2-3 kickers to compete for the job next year and focus on stabilizing the defense overall..............they don't even have to be great (top 20), just average and this team wins 9-10 games.


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A good coach would solve it. Dantonio took an inept defense and made it competent at MSU.
<br>Keeping RR does not solve anything.He has displayed Millenesque ability to pick the wrong guy when it comes to defense.
<br>He has treated a ready- to- win program like it was EMU. The guy is in over his head.


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A ready to win ? lol, with the depth and injuries we have at defense this team is not ready to win...


Dantonio hasn't solved anything..  Last year his team regressed by 3 wins, their D sucked ass.. and now this year they have a lot of Seniors on their defense...  Watch them regress next year again then MSU will be barking for a new coach