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Submitted by Ziff72 on December 2nd, 2010 at 3:48 PM

So I have no idea what happens in an evaluation meeting between AD's and their football coaches, but do you think RR gets a chance to plead his case?

Does he get an hour to put up graphs of Freshmen starters, FEI indexs, returning starters, WVU highlights,academic progress, recruiting etc.. and sell it to Brandon while he is sitting at the table? 

I thought of this going thru the excellent thread on the state of Stanford's defense.  The last few days have been filled with a lot of garbage, but I have been impressed with the number of charts and graphs and arguments people have laid out.  It got me to wonder if Brandon actually looks at stuff like that?

On one hand you would think he is the man that has to make this decision, he should know every single thing about the program and have looked at it from every different way and he has had his staff put together the same type of graphs and records for him to look at.

On the other hand I can't picture Brandon looking it over and saying "boy the FEI index shows us as the #1 offense RR is back".   I'm picturing him making a decision on more of an overview and feel. 

Curious how geeky you think Brandon gets on this stuff.  What do you think?



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as far as I am concerned it is a badge of honor. I post my thoughts and feelings even though I know they may be unpopular. From my short time on this blog, I have come to understand that if you want a lot of points just be a shill for the MIchigan athletic department. Never criticize and always find positive in whatever they do.

That is just not me. I tell it like I see it or is.


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I know that Major League Baseball has advanced to the point where GM's make decisions on players based on advanced metrics (Sabermetrics). You have somewhat of a split between GMs that use this fancy data and those who are old school scouts that make decisions on gut feelings and intuition. But interesting to think about what college athletic directors use. You never hear them talk about FEI or Sagarin or anything like that. It definitely hasn't advanced to that level in the media because they still post unadjusted stats such as standard "National Defensive rank based on yardarge" whereas baseball telecasts incorporated OPS a while ago. 


I personally hope they at least take it into consideration, even if it is not what is used to make the final decision. Just seems silly to ignore statistics entirely. You can be skeptical of them in the end, but I'd hope they look at it. 


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I cannot imagine a situation where DB - a former football player for Michigan - will ask for a whole bunch of bar graphs, charts, diagrams, DEI indices and the like to make this decision.

DB already knows the reasons to keep RR (massive offensive improvement, potential for Oregon-like offense, still playing with under-classmen at QB and entire D, injury-ravaged secondary, no kicker, consistency, 3 wins- 5 wins - 7 wins progression, Denard, etc), as well as the reasons to fire him (5 B10 wins, no wins against winning B10 teams, defense=disaster, special teams=disaster, poor defensive hires, angry factions of alumni base may = less $$, lack of success after 3 years, etc.)**

There arebig picture reasons.  These are the things that a CEO takes into account.  Not all of these crazy metrices that we obsess about on this site.  For example, if Jimmy H. and Brady Hoke both told DB that they are not interested, and with no great replacement on the market, would DB really fire RR because some stupid index pointed to a negative statistic for a narrow field of measurement?  Similarly, if DB genuinely feels that RR isn't the man to take us back to greatness, will he keep him because of these silly stats? 


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As the inventor of the CC designation, I am happy that you did not use it on this post, as it would only devalue it.

For a post like this, I propose a totally new designation:



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I think RR goes in and starts off by giving DB a pot of Rita's nacho dip. Then he'll explain how the offense has grown leaps and bounds since he's arrived in A2. After that he'll try to convince him how he can make the 3-3-5 work and that the players he needs to run it are about to bloom. As DB contemplates this a bead of sweat runs down RR's forehead as he prays DB doesn't turn around and look out the window behind him. Then he would see GERG holding his stuffed animal in his outstretched hand chasing a squirrel around a tree.


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Dave Brandon doesn't read all this stuff on the posting board in making his why do we have to? (How many posts a day are you going to do this?)


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I would hope that before Brandon makes a decision that will impact our University of Michigan Football team to the core for many years that he has already looked at every conceivable chart, statistic, coach, position depth, recruiting class, potential replacements, etc, ad nauseum that a last minute dog and pony show will be unnecessary. 


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is probably like any evaluation meeting.  The boss has made a decision about how to evaluate the employee.  He has either filled out a several page evaluation form beforehand or will do so during the meeting.  I sure there will be a five point likert scale for statements such as, "Employee maintains the integrity of the program". 

DB will probably ask RR such questions as, how do you rate yourself on this statement?  In other words, DB will have made a decision prior to RR entering the room and the true evaluation will occur as DB reviews RR's job performance between now and January.

The FannMan

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If RR has to get down to charts he yanked off some blog, he is freaking doomed.  That stuff is good for supporting a point on blog, but a head coach talking to his AD?  I mean really.  This place has lost its damned mind!


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I just got off the phone with Brandon and RR. I have been given insight to how things are going to work. 

1) RR has the choice of darts, throwing knifes, or an axe
2) Brandon is setting up a spinning wheel that is sectioned out and will be labeled with different things
3) They will be labeled fired, given a pay raise, hire JH, fire the defense coaches, drop football all together, only allow 4 recruits a year, contract until 2099, etc...
4) RR will be blind folded and allowed 3 throws
5) The throws will take place at halftime of our bowl game
6) Dave will surprise RR in the 4th quarter of the bowl game with the surprise of letting Martin throw for his future and it will be televised live 
7) Freep will be given an interview with Brandon after the game to reveal how he thought out this brilliant idea

I wasn't supposed to leak the details, but I know how everyone is wanting to know.  I hope RR isn't reading as he will know he doesn't have to practice throwing knifes, darts, or an axe. Please don't tell him.