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I'm sure this is on it's way from official sources, but here are some interesting bits about our new OC, who apparently has been dubbed "The Nuss" by other sites:

-  From Alabama blog - Gumpin' on Saturday:

There’s no question that the offense has opened up more under Nussmeier. Alabama’s bread and butter in the passing game are still shallow and intermediate routes, designed to attack the linebackers in space, but their use of vertical passing concepts has increased under Nussmeier. As a matter of fact, I actually wrote about this before the season. Nussmeier really seems to favor three verticals, typically with all three receivers (or two receivers and a tight end) lined up on the same side of the field. It has been tremendously effective, both due to the execution on the field and the timing of the play call. From a play calling standpoint, Nussmeier really seems to have a great sense for when a team is vulnerable on the back end, and that has proven quite valuable during his two years here.

I think Nussmeier has done a very good job thus far as a recruiter. He certainly isn’t the Tide’s top assistant in that area, but that’s to be expected considering he has never coached in this part of the country before and simply does not have the same connections that some of the Tide’s other assistants do. And I think that showed last year, when, according to Rivals, he was only responsible for directly recruiting two members of Alabama’s class, one of which was a quarterback from Utah. But the improvement from last year to this year has been dramatic. Up to this point he has been directly responsible for securing the commitments of a top running back (Bo Scarbrough), top wide receiver (Derek Kief), and top quarterback (David Cornwell), to go along with a few others.

- At least one site (thebiglead) recommended him to be the USC HC before that position was filled.  In addition, many tied him to the Washington HC position as well.

Why waste time going after Kevin Sumlin (probably NFL-bound) or Chris Petersen (how many schools does he have to reject before people get the picture?), when you could poach a guy who knows the West Coast and knows offense?

- Q & A with Nuss via their local ABC site:

Coach Nussmeier, occasionally we've seen Alabama come out, no huddle, and kind of spread things out a little bit with a high tempo right out of the gate, and Nick Saban said postgame that we were looking to get the fatigue started early. Obviously you can't comment on what the plan is for this week, but can you just remark on the value of coming out at up tempo, no huddle?

"Well, you know, I think if you look at college football in general, that's a growing trend, no-huddle offense, speed, hurry-up. As any game you play, the ability to change the tempo of the game offensively or defensively can create a competitive advantage for you, if it's useful in the game you're playing."

- From Saturday Down South, an SEC blog.  Nuss is listed as the number one assistant in the SEC who is ready to be a head coach:

Buzz: I’ll argue the one coach on the Tide’s coaching staff most ready to become a head coach is Doug Nussmeier over Kirby Smart. Nussmeier came from Washington, and his offense scored the most points per game (38.71) of any Bama team since 2001. Nussmeier is ready to become a head coach after 2013.

- Kirby Smart on working with Nuss:

McCarron said it's been a "cool experience" working with Nussmeier, and Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart appreciates the challenges being presented daily on the practice fields. Smart won the 2009 Broyles Award as the nation's top assistant coach, and his defense last year was No. 1 nationally in every major statistical category.

"They give us a couple more personnel groupings, more than Coach McElwain used," Smart said. "He does a really good job with the kids. He's a lot like Coach McElwain. He and Jim McElwain come from similar backgrounds, so there's a lot of carryover there. They both do a good job in the passing game and are both very innovative.

"They've got an answer for everything that you do, so it's always a chess match."



Der Alte

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As in other countries, many German family names derive from a vocation: "Schmidt" (blacksmith) "Bauer" (farmer) and so on. Although "Nuss" in German does in fact mean "nut," and "Meier" can separately translate as a "manager" or "foreman," some dictionaries translate "Nussmeier" as "dairy farmer," which is probably as good a translation into English as any.

In any event, let's hope coach Nussmeier "milks" maximum effort from his new O-herd. Go Blue!


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"Meier" comes from an older German word meaning "superior", I believe, so there is that portion to consider. 

For general consumption in this thread, Alex Scarborough - a contributor to ESPN's SEC blog - wrote something of a send-off for Nussmeier (HERE). As you might expect, the entry here is both complimentary and critical, but it does suggest the paths that Saban could take moving forward, if anyone is interested in how Alabama may respond. 


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"They've got an answer for everything that you do.." Meaning he makes adjustments, in game adjustments. Music to my ears. Can't wait to see how each offensive group develops under his watch.


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I specifically included that bit as well as the no huddle tempo quote, as I figured those would be soothing arrangements of words for Michigan fans.

The one thing that worries me a bit is that he was mentioned as a candidate for the Washington job, the USC job, the Southern Miss job, all as an HC.  That tells me that either he will not be here for long, or Hoke will not be here for long.


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I think its a forgone conclusion this guy will not be here more than 2 years. Thats totally fine, and I'm sure Hoke and Co know this and will be in contact with replacements the whole time. If he comes in and turns the offense around and leaves for a HC gig I have no problem. If he doesn't, and Hoke is gone, well we are pretty much in the same place as we expected with Borges.

Perkis-Size Me

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You had me at former Bama coach. I wouldn't be shocked if this guy moves along in the next couple of years, but I'll happily take it. With a guy like this watching over the offense, there's no reason it can't start putting up some points.

And fergodsakes, let him bring in a QB coach and get someone who can fix that OL.


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Everyone is missing the real reason Saban pushed Nuss out the door and is getting Kiffin to replace him.... There are NCAA violations in the near future and Saban needs Kiffin to fall on the sword! Now Kiffin is so dumb he doesn't see it coming, but Saban knows Mr Kiffin has a history of Violating NCAA rules so when the sanctions come out he fires Kiffin and blames it all on Kiffin, so now the NCAA goes easy on Bama and slaps them on the wrist. Saban goes and hires another OC.