Media Day open thread

Submitted by Vivz on August 12th, 2012 at 11:16 AM

Some big notes coming out in the first couple minutes including:
Tamani Carter has left the team

Fitz and Frank Clark will begin practicing monday, but paying a heavy price and will continue to do so. (Availability for Bama still undecided)

Roundtree had arthroscopic knee surgery and will be out ~2 weeks


Roy Roundtree injured knee Wednesday, had surgery Friday. Hecklinski said best case scenario is he doesn't miss Alabama.

— Stephen J. Nesbitt (@stephenjnesbitt) August 12, 2012



Per all the twitters (Tremendous, Nesbitt, Baumgarder, Meinke, Rothstein, Webb etc)



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will give the coaches a great look at the Frosh WR's and they'll get a lot of reps, so that is a positive. Downside-they will almost certainly have to play and play well against BAMA.


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If it really is 2 weeks he will be back for Bama.  We dont need people freaking out yet.  It is not like he tore his ACL.  These types of surgeries are minimally invasive these days and he will be fine.  As others have mentioned, this means more reps for the guys who need them


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Sounds like Q-Wash, and Richard Ash are getting a decent amount of praise. Yes? Maybe? Puhleez have a Dline. (Tremendous)

Also Bolden is getting praise despite Hoke not mentioning freshmen but "he doesn't really count" (Chantel Jennings)


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I hope QWash is actually having a good camp, which would be opposite of the video yesterday. He struggled a little bit from what I could see. Obviously it is only one clip, so I'm not putting a lot of stock in it. I hope this isn't just a motivational tool by Hoke for them to pick it up!


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We are about #20 in line up at the stadium. We're among first group let in for Kids Day entry at noon today. Word is, only first 250 in line for each position group will be allowed. They are shutting it down when they hit 250 according to the staff here. Good Luck to everyone getting the player that they want.

Six Zero

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Well, not really, but while checking out Bolden's tweet about the honor of pulling on a UM jersey, I noticed something.

The number 5s are now hooked at the middle terminal, like Iowa's if you're not sure what I mean. Confirmed it by looking at Mealer's sleeve digits as well. Maybe it's something only the designers or typography junkies can appreciate or care about, but that's no minor aesthetic change AFAIC. And no, I for one don't necessarily care for it.


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I've thought this for about a week or so, but does anyone else get the feeling that F. Clark and F. Touissant are going to play this Alabama game?  This is based on nothing, just a personal opinion/hunch.  I'm thinking mayyyybe they don't start but they see significant playing time (i.e. enough PT to vie for a win). 

How does/would the many board members feel about this situation if played out in the way I "suspect"?


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and the only scenario I came up with is:

Frank lends friend his MacBook. MacBook is stolen from friend. Frank asks for MacBook back. Friends doesn't know what to do / needs more time/ so he swipes MacBook from open dorm room. Frank is trying to figure out why his MacBook doesn't seem like his when campus police knock on the door.


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Dendard is in 36...told parents that and they didn't listen and missed out for a fourth straight year.  Sucks that I am likely going to have to buy a Denard autograph for my son but oh well.


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but I get the vibe that Hoke is handling this like a Lloyd Carr-Adrian Arrington situation. First mistake= learn from it and suffer some consequences of the physical variety to prove that you are committed to the University of Michigan and THE TEAM.