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"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if you got the ball longer than they do, you have a better chance of scoring more points," Badgers coach Bret Bielema said.

I think Brians going to like this quote. Actually Brett it could mean a lot of things... like you take a lot of time between plays, you turn the ball over a ton, your defense gives up big plays or your special teams stink.

The thing that really sucks is they have a ton of guys returning next year, they should be really good.



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Your title is especially vague and unhelpful.

As far as the TOP goes, I'd say it matters very little when it's even remotely close, but Wisconsin had the ball for 2/3 of the game. I suspect the records of teams that control the ball for 2/3 of a game are good to a statistically significant level.


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Initially, my thought was that he's simply assuming an equal pace between the two teams (more time = more snaps = more opportunities to score). The assertion seems likely to be true once we expose and assume the hidden premise.

Interestingly, I'm now wondering whether there is a correlation between points and TOP even when snaps are equal. It certainly seems possible that a slower pace (a) decreases offensive mistakes, (b) allows offensive linemen rest, (c) tires out defenses at a disproportionate rate, or (d) indicates a willingness to audible and adjust. I'd be interested in seeing a correlation study on it, actually.


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Defense requires more effort than offense. Thus defenses tire more quickly than offense. An offensive lineman pass blocking has to shuffle for a couple of steps and then extend his arms a d lineman has to go full blast and exert much more energy to get around. In general the offense knows where they are going the defense needs to move around them. It is the whole premise of RR's philosophy.

Simi Maquoketa

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Oh, we're really revving up this topic now. I guess we've settled the recruiting and *Starzz thing. Now we'll have people pointing to Eatern Michigan and talking about time of possession and its importance.

TOP can be rendered moot. If you score 48 points per game and field a great defense. It's great to go 80 yards in three plays--but then you give the other offense more possessions.

And if your defense doesn't hold up--what if the other team holds a great TOP advantage--and scores 30 points? You're kind of a nice, toasty pop tart after that game.


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It seems to be accepted wisdom on this board that Beilema is a bad coach and will bring the Wisconsin program down. Why? I agree that he looks like a meathead, but he's done a fine job there in his four years. He is not doing any worse than Barry Alvarez did; in fact, I believe Beilema's winning percentage from 2006-09 is better than what Alvarez posted in his final four seasons.

Blue Bunny Friday

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This video focuses on Pam Ward (sorry). Seconds after this video ends MSU scrambles to get their FG unit on and just when it looks like they might not make it, BB calls TO. MSU gets set, Swenson makes the FG easily, and Sparty celebrates.
In that same 4th quarter he got called for a 15-yard penalty on a drive that gave MSU a TD. Wisconsin was up 24-13 with 9 min to go and BB was a major reason that they ended up losing 25-24.

Ninja Football

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Lowest TOP in college football this year? That scoring machine Brian Kelly brought to Cincinnati.

IMO, this is one of the issues with our lack of depth on D. RR's offense will be scoring with such ferocity you really need 22 guys who can play on the defensive side of the ball, which we are nowhere near right now. Getting some depth in here and be able to sub guys in and out is a large part of building things the way they need to be.