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I believe this has been discussed in a few threads already, but unless I missed it, I haven't seen the true meaning yet. 

I know one theory is that we will be greatly oversigning next year SEC style to get up to 25 recruits.  Or possibly there is already a mass exodus planned (that the coaches are witholding from us) which will make room for all these extra recruits.

My thought is that this is simply the 25th anniversary of the Fab 5 (1991). Which persoanlly is a frightening thought since I too am from the class of 1991. Time flies when you're having fun.

Has anything official come out on this?




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It's about a Recruiting class of 25.   

I know that Rivals believes they will get pretty close to that number, and they do not believe he will be oversigning. 



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False.  A recruit (forgot who) started the idea while on the visit and the staff ran with it.  Way too early for the staff to be gunning for 25 in the class.

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We won't need to oversign to get to 25. This was always going to be a larger class due to uneven numbers over the past 4 years and with natural attrition we will likely have room for at least that many


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It's for recruiting. I think you are looking too literal at the 25. Yeah that's what I think they are shooting for, but it's more because it makes it sound the best. Recruits and coaches are going to be using #FAB25 all over social media. It unites everything. I love it. 


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I haven't seen anything official, but I do like that the innovation and marketing coming from the program as well as the recruits themselves is continuing as it has over the past few year. It definitely isn't a stretch to think the class could approach 25 at this point, and the name given to it on social media certainly won't hurt it. 


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If you look at the Scholarship charts, You can easily find a number of scholarship players I doubt will get their 5th year. I count the following:


Blake Bars

Matt Godin

Tom Strobel

Allen Gant

Terry Richardson

Jeremy Clark


Possibly no 5th year If recruiting goes well and they don't blow up into superstars

Jehu Chesson

Ryan Glasgow



Chris Fox (Been hurt since he arrived)

Noah Furbush (Same)

Drake Harris (Would suck, but its a rumor thats been out)


This, 15 graduating scholarship seniors (I count Glasgow and Kerridge as they have earned them in the past and to my knowledge never leost them), and maybe some attrition from the crowded QB picture easily gets us around 25 spots. Add to that the Harbaugh effect and chance someone blows up enough to leave early (Maybe Darboh, Lewis, Wormley, Charlton, or Henry), and the pathways to 25 increase even more.


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No way Godin and Clark get the "firm handshake." You're talking about rotation guys who have played at least decent football. Chesson and Glasgow are starters who have played a lot of football, plus Glasgow is a walk-on, they don't HAVE to give him a scholarship. I think Fox might medical, Furbush hasn't even been on campus a full year and Drake Harris is the kind of talent you better be damn sure he's done before you give up on him. With 14 graduating seniors and plus Bars, Fox, TRich, Strobel and Gant you're looking at 19 spot and then maybe 1 or 2 surprises to possibly get over 20 commits. I don't anticipate any one leaving early for the Draft without a HUGE turn around this fall.


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No coach in their right mind would describe or discuss a scenario and then have it used as a slogan for recruits that involved people playing for them currently that could be next year. It would say the writings on the wall and would impact their play this year or perhaps there competitive level in practice...

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That's the average number of years i would spend in prison if i attempted to have that hiney...:"Fabulous" would be the memory that made the time worthwhile.  Oh, hang on, that's Bubba callin.  Shit!