Mealer claims snap count problem vs. MSU fixed

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 18th, 2012 at 9:25 AM

In this morning's, Elliot Mealer is quoted saying the MSU snap count problem has been fixed. LINK:


That extra jump helped the Spartans shred Michigan's offensive line, which led to increased pressures faced by quarterback Denard Robinson and a stifled rushing attack. That could have been Michigan's downfall in the 28-14 loss. 

Mealer says the snap-count problem was addressed last year and shouldn't be an issue again Saturday.

"They did a good job at timing that up and keying us," Mealer said. "We got that under control. It was more a recognition thing -- being able to recognize the defense before you snap the ball -- and it's something that we've been doing ever since that game. I'm not too worried about that."

I hope that Mealer is right. It killed me watching their DL and Worthy in particular just explode in on Michigan's OL the last couple years. If Michigan can avoid having their count predicted, and better yet, draw MSU offsides with hard and varied counts, it could be the deciding factor in imposing our will and MANBAWW on MSU.



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The snap count thing is so overrated

MSU beat Michigan last year, and the three years prior, because it was the more talented football team.

A sneakier snap count wouldnt have changed squat


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Did you make that?  If so, I see you don't have enough points for a new thread, but I think it's worthy.  Just ask, and someone will post it for you.

On a side note, you have to love that MSU TD against Ohio... I didn't think it was possible to have more missed tackles than defensive players on the field.