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The WD sycophants and multiple personalities are just as annoying. Just watch, in a couple hours this post will have at least half a dozen down votes from him, Benn, Discuss Man and WD's merry band of sycophantic slurpers. What annoys me is that seemingly every single thread about Michigan turns into a debate about the merits of WD. Enough already.


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There's basically nothing on this site that pisses me off more than the ungrateful pains in the ass that have seemingly no gratitude for John Beilein pulling our basketball program out of 10 years of burning wreckage and turning it into a consist tourney team and threat to win the B1G at least every other year.  And, by the way, doing it without even a single shred of the cheating and slime that is rampant in college basketball.  

Be careful what you wish for.

Voltron Blue

February 18th, 2016 at 12:16 AM ^ concede that our dynamic is not fully unique (I frankly don't really know), but it feels "football school"y to me, so I'd at least argue to limit to that cohort.

And what I mean by that is there's a perspective that many primarily-football fans bring to basketball that is really aggravating, that stems from (a) automatically expecting that Michigan's football standards (true blue blood) are Michigan's basketball standards (a lot to be proud of, but not top tier), and (b) thinking that every regular season loss is catastrophic (basketball has much more variability during a 30-40 game season).  

Further, there are parallels between Michigan football fan's love for manball and throwing quarterbacks and their related disdain for spread offense and running quarterbacks with their love for two post offenses and related disdain for a four out three-point-shot based offense.  


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Stop attacking the fanbase.  Michigan is not even close to the worst offender in this regard. Case in point: a very large portion of the LSU fanbase wants its current coach, who's won a national title there, fired.

I don't think most Michigan fans want Beilein fired.  I'm annoyed that people here (and it happens regularly) like to trash the entire fanbase for the actions of a minority.


Voltron Blue

February 18th, 2016 at 11:51 AM ^

For one, we don't have to be the worst offender about something for it to be an issue. For two, my advice is don't take it personally. Does everything everyone says about our fan base annoy you? To be clear, I said it's the worst thing about our fanbase, but I didn't trash our fan base. What if I said the worst thing about Harbaugh is he chews tobacco. You still think I don't have a huge man crush for Jim Harbaugh?


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I think he's at least the equal of those guys, performance wise.  And then you throw in the fact that he's the consummate university representative who recruits true student athletes.  Can anyone even imagine Zak Irvin, Derrick Walton, or Caris LeVert in disciplinary trouble?  Can you think of a single Beilein player who wasn't a good dude?


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Fisher could get a team full of future pros to play defense.  And he took a moribund San Diego St. program and turned them into a perennial tournament team.  Frieder couldn't do that at Arizona St.  And Orr never had the same success at Iowa St. like he had at Michigan.  Personally, I think Fisher's career has been more impressive.


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1. Ed Martin and other guys were IN the locker room during the Frieder years.  Fisher inherited that mess and still did more on the court than Frieder or Orr.  And all he did after he left here was win at SDSU.

And about the vacating wins.  All I'll say is show the proof from those Webber teams.  I still believe CWebb got paid somewhere between the loss to UNC and the NBA draft because that kid, nor his family, acted like they suddenly came into all kinds of cash.  It's hard to hide $600,000 in a two year period.

2. I know I'll get negged, but all I'll say is don't assume that Beilein inherited squeaky clean players.  



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I'm not even blaming Fisher for the dirt, I'm just saying he benefitted from it by getting elite athletes of the type Beilein has been unable to recruit, making it almost impossible to compare the two.

Voltron Blue

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I'd further say that I even believe that football and basketball players *should* get paid, but for as long as Michigan is going to stick to the rules as they currently stand, it's not an even playing field.  

I was also going to note that Fisher wasn't doing himself any favors with allegations of impropriety at San Diego State, but I just found out that he was cleared.  Good for him (genuinely).…



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He was instrumental in getting Juwan Howard and the Texas kids to Michigan and there's no dirt associated with those recruitments.  Dutcher was a master recruiter, and likely the successor to Fisher if you know what didn't happen.  No surprise Dutch is on Fisher's staff at SDSU.  And his official position on the Aztec website is Assistant Head Coach/Head Coach in Waiting.  

Beilein needs his Dutcher, the man that can close the deal on some of these kids we were once in on.  When I see Jalen Brunson and Trevon Bluiett starting for Top 10 teams tonight, that makes me sad panda.  We don't need one and done guys.  But I wouldn't mind some 4 star talent that we can hold onto for 2-3 years at least.

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People expect us to become some dominant force in basketball. Our longest tournament streak is 6 years. 

Doesn't mean we can't win the B1G and go to the Final Four, but we're not gonna have some ridiculous uninterrupted string of success unless we cheat.

And if you want to cheat, then Steve Fisher should still be here and banners should've stayed up. Hell, even Steve Fisher had down years.

The Barwis Effect

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Bullshit, WD.

You would have said similar things about Michigan softball back in the '80's. You can't win consistently at Michigan. It's too cold. It's too far north. It's too far east. Blah, blah, blah. Thank goodness, Carol Hutchins doesn't settle for mediocrity.

Like many others before her, and many after, Hutchins has proven that anything is possible at U-M.

For many years, there were three schools that were known across the nation for demonstrating a high level of acumen in both football and basketball. They were UCLA, ND, and U-M. In fact, as late as the mid-nineties, U-M and ND were the only two schools in the all-time AP Top Twenty for both football and basketball.

Since then, we've seen U-M surpassed by not one, not two, but three schools who are better able to excel on both the hardwood and the gridiron. And I'm not not talking nationally either. I'm talking about getting surpassed by three schools within our own conference. At best, we're only the 4th best basketball/football school in the B1G over the past 10-20 years, behind MSU, OSU, and Wisconsin. Worst thing about that is that most couldn't care less.

Why people are willing to settle for second best when it comes to U-M hoops, I'll never understand. I guess we can call it the Michigan Indifference.

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Just curious if you think 61% is good.  You say that like you approve.  I think the expectation should be higher. 

61% of an average pre-tourney season (33 games-ish?) is about 20-13. 

This season has been pretty gross and I think most would agree a disappointment overall, and Michigan is still likely on pace for 21-12.


So, is this what we're supposed to expect every year?  Is this good enough for you? 


Just FYI, 61% is good for about 240th on the all time win% list (Beilein is 62% overall).  Pretty much any successful coach you've ever heard of is higher on that list.