McMurphy Hints at Further Information Drop

Submitted by kevbo1 on August 21st, 2018 at 10:38 AM

Brett McMurphy hinted this morning that he has additional information to reveal.  I imagine he plans on waiting for the outcome and decision of the BoT and President.


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I'm guessing he followed up with the employee Smith was sleeping with, who was removed from the program. Possibly she filed a complaint or shared an email with him or something indicating she was not happy about the move and where Meyer was involved. It wouldn't take much for that incident to blow up in OSU's face.

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If you listen to his Fox Sports radio show, it plays a lot like a Fox News audition tape.

One day he kept using the word niggardly repeatedly, trying to race bait callers into calling in to complain so he could explain how the word had no racial connotations, that it just meant lazily. Knowing full well how it would play.

Personally i like my sports talk radio free of politics or race baiting.



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Not sure why the attorney for Smith was alleging extortion about his client and wanted to challenge the source of his information because it was pretty clear how McMurphy might have obtained it. McMurphy could have made the case if he wanted to that he obtained the salacious information through a FOIA request since the documentation all led to an Ohio State building and address. How did the lawyer not know the information might be subject to public disclosure?

He would only know that based on his own internal information from his client, if he was in fact told by him about it.

I think the only reason why the attorney challenged McMurphy was to intimidate the reporter and not sound weak in responding to his questions.

Unless Smith had a thorough come-to-Jesus meeting with his attorney and told him every sordid detail that could possibly be uncovered about his time at Ohio State, then he was simply playing for time by denying the pictures referred to by McMurphy were of his client. The only thing that protects Smith from further public embarrassment here is the very salaciousness of the material being reported.

News organizations are not going to continue publishing the most recent bombshell in detail. They will simply refer to them in a generic way that explains them with out really emphasizing them.

For example, an AP story on its Top 25 preason rankings notes that some pollsters dropped Ohio State's projected finish based on the uncertainty surrounding Meyer's coaching status and current leave stemming from a school inquiry into his supervision of an assistant based on domestic violence allegations. You don't offer the same context in every story going forward.

Let's understand something about this story: it's a local one with national implications only because of who is involved. In other words, Meyer got in trouble for lying to local media, not conference beat writers or national news outlets. He lied to people who asked him at Media Days about the dismissal of Zach Smith, and the only people asking him about it were Ohio State beat guys.

And they were representing the public at large not their local constituency which, ironically, didn't really want to know any details about what McMurphy was reporting about when he triggered the questioning with his original story.

But if McMurphy were working for a competing daily news organization, he would not be permitted to dribble out his reports as he has, if they were ready to go and verified for publication. His editors would want to be out front on this story regardless of the school's investigative status of the matter.

That is another interesting development of this story. McMurphy is the publisher, not subject to the other pressures normally associated with reporting something like this. He answers to himself, and is also totally responsible for what he publishes, which is another reason Smith's attorney went after him.



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Take for what it's worth - only a prosecutor can file criminal charges. Zach's lawyer can file a civil suit, or try to bluff, as he appears to be doing. He can ask the prosecutor to file charges, but the prosecutor is not under an obligation to do so. It's possible that a charge will be filed by the prosecutor, but it's not likely. 

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The thought of charges being filed in this situation is laughable. What charges would be filed anyway? Possession of stolen property as Zach’s attorney alluded to? It would be a pretty tall order to convict McMurphy of possession of stolen property when Zach’s attorney told him the pictures were fake.


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what exactly did he say as a hint? all i saw in the article is that the guy tweeted that mcmurphy hinted there was more.

so this is a forum post, pointing to an article, pointing to a tweet, that points to a hint of more info. hahaha

Blue from Ohio

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I agree, he's basically answering to himself at this point.  I've read some articles where they've questioned his motivation against Urban Meyer.  Let's see, you dribble some information, large investigation begins.  You wait to hear how it plays out, and possibly drop another bomb after conclusion, to make a bigger story.  This is journalism, the bigger the story, the more attention you get.  Why if you're McMurphy, play all your cards at once?  Makes no sense if you have that much information and can drag it out / possibly make a bigger story, which is better for your long term reputation / career path.  For crying out loud, the Freep tried to crucify the Michigan program over extended practice times and make that the story of the century.


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It's funny, I read an article somewhere probably a week ago, that said Smith was going to ask for his job back when he had his meeting.  That's a different level of arrogance when you think you're so above everything that you think you're clean enough to keep your job in a scandal, when it hasn't quite been revealed yet about your "special" deliveries and "extra-curricular" activities.  Did he really believe that being associated with Meyer / OSU would put him on some untouchable mantle?  The Meyer / scarlett and gray kool aid runs very deep.