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In Harbaugh's press conference he called McKeon,   McKEEN or maybe Mc-KEE-on.    Last year the commentators kept pronouncing it Mc-QUE-en and I thought it couldn't be.  How do you pronounce his name?

And to avoid being a one reply post,  what other Michigan names did you have a hard time learning to pronounce?  Tshimanga "Touchdown Tim" Biakabutuka is always a favorite, but pretty easy once you get it.



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You son of a bitch the just-a-last-name-during-fall-camp thread title is a heart attack at first sight

Edit: I think I called Breaston as “Bree-ston” once or twice and was indecisive between “uh-vahnt” and “ay-vahnt”


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Did anybody else notice when Harbaugh was talking about the WR's, in both his interviews with media and BTN - that he "didn't want to say any names to keep them under the radar"??  He mentioned individuals in every other position group.. is there somebody we don't know about?


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Peoples-Jones, Black, Perry, Martin, Collins, Schoenle, McCurry, Bell and that's it. That is everyone on the team. Not really, but the names we have heard of. I think the transfers of Crawford and McDoom show you that Martin and Collins are going great. Schoenle, we know what he is (Martin-lite + blocking). Bell and McCurry might be the ones he is hiding, but those names are sneaking out regardless of his efforts. 


Other Walk-ons:
Jake Martin
Brendan White
Ethan Deland
Tyler Grosz
Jack Young


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Official website has an audio link to someone pronoucing it close to your Mc-Que-en:


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Follow Harbaugh's pronunciation. Either he knows what it really is, or you can act like Harbaugh by purposely mispronouncing a players name because that is how you think it should be pronounced and you have no time to think otherwise. 

Other options:

  • Come up with a nickname, like ol' mickey boi" or the "Massachusetts Blocky/Pass Catcher"
  • Pretend you two are real good friends and refer to him as Sean.
  • Go all EA Sports NCAA Football 14 and refer to him as "TE #84"


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Too ironic. This exact kind of titling is referenced by Brian in his FAQ or important stuff to know file. "Informative titles" is a key item. At least it was trivial and not important. I was hoping the post would be from umbig11 about how McKeon was tearing it up in camp. No such luck. Better something stupid about name pronunciation than an injury or improper shoe sales or the like.