McGloin starter at PSU

Submitted by rmic2 on June 1st, 2012 at 2:24 PM

PSU announced today that McGloin will be the starter, Jones the #2, and Bolden slides to #3. Let the QB carousel roll at PSU.



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it will still be too soon to laugh at that game, except in a last-string-of-sanity-has-been-snapped sort of way.  I might have laughed that way during the game at a certain point.

It was, in the words of Graham Greene, "a night impossible to deepen."  At least until Wisconsin deepened it by successfully running the ball on 72 straight plays.  


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seasons had a straw that broke the camel's back. The first Toledo, the second Illinois, the third Penn State. I think the Penn State straw was the final straw for Rich.

So, depending on how you look at it, that game was the beginning of a resurrection.

snarling wolverine

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At that point I went from still seeing 2010 as a promising season to thinking, "WTF is going on?"   It was one thing to get shredded by Cousins and Stanzi, but facing a walk-on making his first start, I really thought we'd start to see the D turn the corner.  Wow was I off on that one.  


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I don't know that it is accurate to refer to what he did as "shredding" our defense.  I mean, our defense just kind of opened up the flood gates and let everyone and everything through at their leisure.  So basically there was nothing to shred.


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So that the whole team and fanbase know who is number one. There has been lots of debate/drama surrounding the PSU QB's the last couple of years. It might be nice to have a solid number one and move on to other issues.



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 so the fan base won't get their hopes up for this season.

 Where would Bolden transfer? If you can't crack the 2 deep at QB for Penn State where could you possibly play QB. Buckle down finish school get a good education and start sending out resumes


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Penn State will need either Venuto or McGregor in the mix to round out their starting rotation, and if you ask me, they should have put at least one leftie in there to mix it up a little bit.

This doesn't totally surprise me - their QB situation is bad, but at least last year, McGloin was the most productive statistically. Having a freshman as the #2 over Bolden might be a telling indictment on how well Bolden fits into the new regime, I am willing to bet.


June 1st, 2012 at 3:01 PM ^ - it does list him as a freshman, but of course, the linked article says he was academically ineligible for the first two years of his college career. I liked what it said in the article at least, that Jones had "an air of mystery" about him....


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McGloin will hand the ball to Silas Redd 28 times per game anyways so, not the biggest surprise in seeing that the guy with the most starting exp is named number one.


Space Bat

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I remember laughing my ass off at the ms paint of the "Three headed penn state quarterback monster" when we played them in 2010 right before halloween. Then they put 41 on us and I stopped laughing. 


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That Bolden didn't transfer. He's #3 now, and when he did play he looked utterly inept to being playing QB at the BCS level. He couldn't even move the ball on Houstons defense. I think he would be better suited at an FCS school. As for McGloin he has progressed as a QB, but I feel like Penn St. will have trouble moving the ball against good defenses. Their QB situation has to be one of the worst in the Big 10. 


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Seriously McGloin couldn't hit the wide side of a barn last yr.....heck alabama quit playing pass defense by the end of the 1st half..........Watching that game they had a defender just let a wr go and come up, sure enough mcgloin throws the short pass and so far off the wr got decked and the te was down field by himself...............


I'll be shocked if they can complete passes beyond 20yds of the qb, forget los! 


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The last loss to PSU was all my fault.

I spent the entire first half of the CIL live blog submitting "McGroin!" before EVERY PSU snap.


Mr. Yost

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How do you announce a starting QB in the middle of the summer?

You're not supposed to have contact, what could you've seen this week that you didn't see/know the week after spring practice?