The McGary nervousness has begun for Sparty

Submitted by aaamichfan on November 2nd, 2011 at 6:43 PM

I took a gander over to the RCMB to see what kind of spin they were putting on the situation. Sure enough, in line with the usual Michigan obsession they have, this is the most active current thread on their board.


Yes, I know. This post is slightly lowbrow. Still though, it's fun to see them squirming at their impending "second rate" status in both football and basketball.



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we can hate on Sparty about football...but I highly doubt they are really that worried about Mitch. Hell If I'm not mistaken they are the leader for Top 15 kid Gary Harris and are in really good position with 2013 #1Jabari Parker.

As much as Sparty does get on my nerves..Izzo is way to good of a coach to have a downswing in East Lansing.


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If we land Mitch then State should be shaking in there boots. Whoever they are bringing in, doesn't change the fact that we would have landed the #3 recruit in the nation at a position of need.

State is used to good classes, were not. Landing McGary tmrw could be the start of a trend that old Sparty deff. wouldn't be to happy about.


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Izzo had carte blanche for instate and midwest recruiting while building his program.  All he had to do to eliminate Michigan from competition was look at the parents and say "Fab Five Scandal."  He got away with this for over ten years.  

Now, Izzo will have to work for his recruits.  Also, he will have to win his own locker room back after his Cavalier Indulgence caused his players to wonder exactly what "Sparty for Life" really meant in Izzo's case.  In addition, Michigan now has a state of the art facility and a remodeled arena to show recruits.  The only other thing Michigan needs to fully level the playing field is to get either the semis or finals of the MHSAA tournament back to Ann Arbor.  

If McGary does sign with Michigan tomorrow, Tom Izzo's will know that his job just became a lot harder.

In the end, even though Tom Izzo had a very fertile basketball state to himself for over ten years, he has just as many NCAA Championships as Steve Fisher does: one.  I don't see him adding to that number anytime soon.  


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Rumour is MSU was his number one choice. I even heard from a reliable source that he called Izzo and begged him to allow him to commit. Izzo doesn't want him, there is a reason. Nothing to worry about here



I dont even remember MSU being in contention for this kid??? Its always been the big four; Duke, NC, Kentucky and Florida


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Kaley Cuoco is going to wander into my room tonight, Michigan is going to finish 4-0, Sparty is going to drop some random game for some random Sparty reason, and Michigan is going to beat up Penn State in the B1G championship game. Then, Michigan is going to pull an upset on Stanford or Oregon in the Rose Bowl to finish 13-1.

Whew, I'm glad things people say on the Internet are true.

oriental andrew

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What took a day off is your ability to convey that the first part of your post was a QUOTE.


Apparently reading comprehension took the day off.

(see what I did there?)


Write your post.  Switch to plain text editor.  Put the <blockquote> </blockquote> tags around your quote.  Preview to view your blockquoted glory and save so people won't think you're some dumb troll.


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I think Beilein has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in East Lansing are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys in East Lansing is a good start.


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Just out of curiosity and because I want to play devils is the Izzo era coming to an end? One sweep in a season doesn't really mean anything is over. Izzo is still recruiting well and it just so happens Bielein is starting to pick up his recruiting as well.

If anything I see 2 really strong programs preparing to have a lot of big time battles in the near future...will only be good for the big 10 and the state of michigan.


November 3rd, 2011 at 9:18 AM ^

Izzo is only 56 (comparatively, Beilein is 58).  I certainly see Izzo as a guy that will be competitive into his 60s.  I see no decline in his ability to coach whatsoever.  The question is when does he get bored of EL.  That, based on past flirtations, seems to be the deciding factor in how long he's there (whether it be NBA or desire to retire to a beach in the Caribbean).


November 3rd, 2011 at 10:21 AM ^

With Izzo, I think the issue is more about burnout than boredom.  He's such an emotional guy that the stress of the job might eventually be too much for him to keep going, especially if he no longer has a clear advantage in in-state recruiting. 



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I took a gander over to the RCMB to see what kind of spin they were putting on the situation.

If Sparty is so obsessed with us, why are we checking/caring about what their fans say on the boards? Schadenfreude is one thing, but dang, this board seems to care about what RCMB does too much.

/pot meet kettle


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Mcgary wasn't calling anyone and begging them to let him commit, it was the other way around. For the record I have no "reliable" source on this one just common sense.


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I would high five you and say right on had we not lost to them the last 4 years. Now I just want to go cry into a pillow.

Edit: this is in regards to the second rate in both sports comment



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Hate to burst the OP's bubble, but most MSU people have a lot of respect for Beilein.  He did a hell of a job last year, and he seems like a decent guy.  And, just to prove it, if I were to need an ass chewing, I'd rather it be Beilein than Izzo ;)


November 2nd, 2011 at 7:23 PM ^

that comes with respect than to be a spent force in the twilight of your years as a screamer coach. Izzo has his merits--and some respect from me--but it's no secret that he has lost some of his intensity, which was often exacted throught the kind of red-faced high-decibal ranting that gets you early retirement. . . or an early grave. Dollars to doughnuts Beilein has a MUCH longer career.


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I think the very notion that they should be concerned about basketball recruiting just provides evidence that the "little brother" attitude is a pervasive, generalized one. 

turd ferguson

November 2nd, 2011 at 7:07 PM ^

Can we slow down with the assumptions that we have McGary wrapped up? I'm getting the impression that these rumors are all rooted in the hunches of an assistant coach (or two), and who knows if he really knows what will happen? A Duke commitment in no way seems out of the picture, and I'd love to soften the blow of that possible dong punch.


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That board alternates more than my bi-polar ex-wife. One minute it's haters, the next someone rational. I love this quote, though:

"Like it or not, if Hardaway returns, they will be a top 10 preseason team next season and the likely B1G favorite unless Sullinger hangs around another year."


November 3rd, 2011 at 8:07 AM ^

The B1G is not getting any weaker. Indiana's 2012 class is consensus top 5 and has a chance to be 1 overall. They're certainly on their way up. OSU isn't going anywhere the way Matta recruits. Purdue and Illinois both have some good young players. And then of course there is Sparty and Wisconsin. 2012 B1G is going to be a bloodbath. I'm not sure it's fair to pick anybody as a favorite there when there's a legit chance the B1G could have 8 teams that are ranked throughout the year and 4 legit top 10 candidates.

JR's Flow

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Honestly, when it comes to basketball, I really haven't had any bad run ins with Sparty fans. They seem (gasp) humble about their program unlike their Football program..