McGary, GRIII Stay for Sophomore Season

Submitted by Soulfire21 on April 18th, 2013 at 4:36 PM

They're back!

Glenn Robinson III, Mitch McGary officially returning for sophomore seasons… via @umhoops

— Dylan Burkhardt (@umhoops) April 18, 2013

I wanted to get 'McScary' started... I don't know if that will be a thing, but I HAVE A CHANCE TO MAYBE DO IT.

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I doubt he would help at the 5 since his listed height is only 6'7" and that is a little small for down there. now if he can stretch the floor and shoot a long range jumper and the 3 ball than he could be a good option at the 4 when we face smaller lineups like we did in the tournament before going against Kansas

MN Go Blue

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Each player has to do what is best for them, but I am sure glad that these 2 choose to come back.  Should be able to compete with the talent they will have next year.  Wow, will they be young.


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We love you guys! Thanks for staying!

We love the University and all it's teams, it's just terrific when you see a couple of elite athletes who feel the same way.

Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!


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It was crazy! 

I hope the decision to stay means that they are going to work hard in the off-season to improve their games.  Both players were unreal this year but very reliant on put-backs and assisted lay-ups and dunks.  Unless Walton can step in and find open shooters easily, Michigan is going to need players to find their own shots.  I see room for Nik and Levert's game to make a big jump.  If Mitch and Glenn can reach higher into their potential, I think we will be competitive again. 




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I'm pumped this team will be very good and young next year.   Now if Belien can land a late 13 recruit with the other three could be very solid nucleus next year.  Future is bright!


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but with the loss of a player like The Trey Burke we could see ourselves start lower down having to prove that the guys we have now can live up to what they had done the year before. I could see us as low as like #12 in the preseason rankings with teams like kansas, kentucky, florida, syracuse, duke, louisville, Ohio, little brother and even miami (ytm) all being ranked ahead of us


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Kansas brought in a top 3 recruiting class of 5 guys. so they could be just as good and miami did have a lot of seniors, i was more going along the lines of teams that could be ranked higher because of the bologna rather than facts when referring to them