McGary - Cryptically bad news?

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on October 7th, 2011 at 12:25 PM

@BSnowScout: Just when everything was looking set with Mitch McGary, now there has been a change..

I have no idea what this means. Doesn't seem to be good, though, given the fact that UM was considered to be the unspoken leader.



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Without spilling the entire paywall, McGary did apparently have an announcement planned for next week (speculated to be for Michigan). Apparently that isn't happening.

He's re-evaluating his options and might take some more visits. Michigan still a big factor in his recruitment and nothing that suggests he won't sign in the early signing period.

Not good for Michigan but too early to say we don't have a chance.

The Baughz

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Im a UNC hoops fan and they are definitely making a strong push from what I have read. Kind of like what they did with Harrison Barnes. Also, do not rule out Kentucky. The consensus is that it is between UNC, Duke, Michigan, and UK, with Michigan and Duke being the favorites to land him. Just what I read, these are not credible sources. Just dudes on a msg board.


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To be a Michigan fan, and root for UNC. You're one of those guys, huh? Remember 1993 when they beat us? Let me guess, you root for UNC because we have been down for several years? When Coach B wins a national title at Michigan, don't come tyring to jump on our bandwagon.

The Baughz

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Oh Im sorry I dont root for the same team in college football as I do in hoops. Why does that bother you? Just an FYI, I was too young to remember the 93 title game so that is irrelevant. I hope Michigan does win a national title in hoops, just as long as it's not against UNC. I will never jump on any bandwagon. It's Michigan football and UNC hoops, period. Dont care about any other programs. UNC had some down years when I was growing up. They werent even .500 10 years ago, so your bandwagon comment is just wrong.


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If you are too young to remember the '93 team, then maybe someday you will be old enough to realize it's never ok to choose teams like this. If you are gonna like UNC, like them in football and basketball. And the same goes for Michigan. I never said you were a bandwagon Carolina fan, read my statement. I'm just saying when Michigan wins a national title don't be trying to jump on our bandwagon. I have a co-worker that says he's a Georgia football fan, and a UNC basketball fan. This is just never ok. Period.

Edit: And by your flamebait votes, it looks like you stand on your own on this one.


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I never understood this stuff when people have multiple college favorite teams, But it always seems that most of them are just followers of who the winning team is that year. I bet you were a heat fan last year and a lakers fan before that....But really UNC over Michigan...I hope your not a BUcks fan in Baseball


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People can chose to do whatever they want. Why do people get so upset over things like that. Just because you don't approve and maybe some other people don't approve doesnt mean you are right in what you believe. Get off his case and stop bitching you bitch.


October 8th, 2011 at 12:51 PM ^

No I am just sick of some people on this site bitching at people for having a differing an opinion. Im certain it makes me a hypocrit for bitching about bitching but something had to be said. What makes you any different in terms of being an "internet gangster" by retaliating to what I said? Get over yousrself sir. I'm sorry im going to continue my rant with people like you. Why did you feel the need to call someone out for liking another team? What makes you so fuckin special? How the hell do you think what you do is gold. Jesus Christ! It seriously it blows me away that there are people like you out there that have such a buring desire to tell people how wrong they are. You have no business telling someone who they should be rooting for. Who gives a shit what he wants to do with his life. Leave him and anyother like him be. There end of rant. 

Disclaimer: Not being a tough guy just standing on my soap box.


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By calling me a bitch. Where I come from, those are fighting words. Say what you want and rant away, you can have your opinion too, but watch who you're calling a bitch. If I'm not in front of you, don't be actin like a hard ass callin people a bitch behind your keyboard and monitor.


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I agree, I think it's lame to be a "Michigan Fan" but only for one sport.  You should either start cheering for UNC football or Michigan basketball. 

You say you're not a bandwagon fan, when that's exactly what you are.  If Michigan were good at basketball while you were growing up or UNC was bad, your allegiances would be different I'm sure.  You're probably a fan of the Steelers and the Yankees too.


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Nobody know the context of why this guy is a fan of those two teams.  Maybe he lives in North Carolina and the draw of Michigan football pulled him in.  Maybe he had a great trip Tobacco Road on his way to Disneyworld on a family trip.

Fandom is not a concious decision that one weighs out once they are responsible enough to pick a side.  Over your formative years, you just... find a team.  Or you don't, which is why 90% of the world probably thinks we're all dumb for posting in here.

How did I become a Red Wings and UofM fan and not a Lions, Pistons, or Tigers fan?  I like football and basketball.  Detroit had the Bad Boys and Barry Sanders when I was growing up.  The Wings didn't even know how to skate at the time.  Somehow, I was simply drawn to those teams.

I say as long as he doesn't switch his allegiance if either team hits a rut (which... umm...) then he can root for whoever the hell he wants to.  I don't like UNC at all, but I've got your back buddy...


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Mitch: I'm sorry, who are you again? And how do you know Coach Williams?

Caller: Well, I kind of played at UNC and had a pretty prominent NBA career after that.

Mitch: What year?

Caller: I played at UNC from '81 to '84 and in the NBA from '84 to '98, with a brief comeback stint from '01 to '03.

Mitch: Most of that was before I was born.

Caller: ...

Mitch: Listen, I have to go. Appreciate the call, Matthew. *click*

Caller, to dialtone: Kid, what the #@$%& is your deal?


Ain't nothin' wrong with a little wishful thinking.


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MM take his time and get the pick right (hopefully the Good Guys), then commit now and break our hearts later.  I'll keep the cover on my panic button for now


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I respect Mitch for doing his homework before committing.  There is nothing that hurts more than having a commit, decommit.  I respect kids that are 100% sure they know what they want to do, before they give their word.


Having said that, I hope he still goes blue.  My hopes were up, and my dong has been "punch free" for awhile.  I don't know if I could take another one.


October 7th, 2011 at 6:16 PM ^

In the free part an ESPN insider article, Dave Telep puts forth a slightly different top 4 for McGary (although all four do still have blue as one of their colors):

Michigan, Duke, North Carolina and Florida would have to be considered viable options. You hear less regarding Maryland and Kentucky. Round and round we go, where McGary lands, no one knows. During the Recruiting Nation show Paul Biancardi nailed it. “The thing that is absolutely sure about Mitch McGary is that he’s unsure about where he wants to go.”


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Where do these recruiting guys get their info, if not from the recruit and/or his family? Seems like Mitch and his parents have said nothing the whole time, so where do BSnow/BlueDevilNation/etc get their intel?

Brown Bear

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Seriously. This means nothing, it means something. It's a big deal, it's not. Nobody knows so sit back relax and wait until Mitch opens his mouth and says where he is going. No need to flip out over a cryptic tweet meant to rile the masses!