McDowell told Marshall he would pick UM (pre-announcement)

Submitted by Wee-Bey Brice on February 6th, 2014 at 3:34 PM

As if the recruitment of Malik McDowell needed anymore "Wait... What?!" moments, TheWolverine released an interview with Lawrence Marshall earlier that included a pretty shocking quote:

"I told him he should go there if he wanted to - I'm happy for him at MSU," Marshall said. That was the school he wanted to go to. But he came to school today and was basically telling me he was going to Michigan. When the letter was on the table and he signed it, I thought he was going to Michigan.

When I first got there this morning he was leaning toward Michigan and telling me he was going to Michigan, so when he announced it, I was shocked."

Wait...WHAT?! I am now trapped in a glass case of emotion. It should be noted that McDowell's LOI is still not in, so who knows where he will end up.



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What MattisonMan said. To me, he sounds like he needs more time. I think he should take it. If he's that talented, he can let people know in April and he'll be fine wherever he goes.

Also, granted my view is from 2 million light years away, but if my mom were as overbearing as his seems to be, I wouldn't go where she wanted just out of spite.


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I really think the whole "he doesnt really want to be here so we don't want him here" attitude is way off base. Just because he prefers another school doesn't mean he would only come to UM kicking and screaming. it doesn't mean he wont come to enjoy ann arbor or that he won't work his ass off on the football field. Guess what... my first choice when applying to schools was not Michigan. But its the best school I got into, and I've been a diehard fan ever since.


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I really could not have been more clear in saying that it all depends on how he/anyone handles it. It's not a disqualifier that someone chooses a program as a second choice, but it's not absurd to suggest it COULD be a potential red flag for an endeavor that requires an enormous amount of commitment and dedication. As usual, it's more nuanced than one way or another.


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This is where I am at also. What did this kid really do other than wait until signing day to announce his decision (like many others) and try to sign his LOI to that school? His parents created all of this mess which is reflective on them, not the kid.


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I'm not so sure about that, or at least not so sure that its as innocent-sounding as that.  From all that I've read and some deduction, it sounds to me like Malik might be more immature than others and that his parents are working hard to ensure he makes the right decision.  From what I can gather, it seems to me as though his parents think he's mixed up in the wrong crowd and interested in MSU for the wrong reasons.  That's how I've been reading it anyway.  I could be WAY off but it seems as though this is a kid that might not know what's best for himself.  Or his mom could just be crazy.


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I mean, how many of our commitments do you think picked us due to the education, support system? They may all say that, but I'm willing to bet a strong majority hit a good party scene when they visited, liked how big the stadium is, liked the gear we showed them, etc. 

Having been involved in college recruiting before, I can tell you that  A TON of kids who pick their school did it for reasons their parents wouldn't approve of, no matter how they justify it. I just think we finally have a situation where the mom has called him out for it, but I certainly think he's no exception


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without speaking ill of the kid, it sounds like he has some things to get straightned out in his personal life. His dad seems very concerned about his non-athlete "friends" who may come visit. I hope Sparty provides him some resources beyond the weight room.


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The recruitment's been bizarre, but he himself has stayed out of the limelight. Beyond that, all we've got is hearsay and his parent's opinions.

If the coaches think he's got or can be coached into the work ethic and the level of character they want, then I'd say we want him.


February 7th, 2014 at 8:15 AM ^

I hear this "coach talk" all the time about only kids with the work ethic, those that value academics, etc. are kids that are Michigan material.  And, maybe there are a few here and there that they don't recruit becasue of academics or off the field issues.  But, by and large I feel like that comment is more marketing/branding than anything else.  The UM coaches do the same thing all other coaches do...go after the best kids.  If there is a little drama, questionable decision making, or whatever (as long as there aren't legal troubles or failing grades) I don't think that in any way steers the coaches away from a kid they think is a superior football player.  They would take McDowell in a heartbeat if he wanted to commit IMO.


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I think you find out where he really wants to go, and if the coaches can determine that he is going to UM because he wants to and not because of parental pressure, then obviously you accept him.  But he clearly seems pretty hell-bent on going to MSU, and you don't want a brow-beaten teenager on your team who wishes he was across the state.


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I feel like my love life is similar to recruiting. I seem to never be able to get a commitment from the girl I want and I'm always stuck scrambling for a 2 star hoping to develop her. McDowell is that one hot girl that says yes, only to never text you again the next night...