McCaffrey looks great

Submitted by 303john on September 11th, 2018 at 9:26 AM

Yes he hasn't played a lot this season but the times he has been in the offense moved well and he throws a better ball than Patterson. I feel confident in him. Hope he doesn't transfer. 



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At least Timmaay only goes by Timmaay and not Franklen Hatchet, Benn, Discuss man, MichiganFan 1984 and probably 100 or so more I cant remember.

You do realize you can change your screen name and your avatar but you cant change your writing style, your core opinions on things and how you express yourself right?  It's why law enforcement can so quickly identify people based solely on writing samples.



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Actually it was which is why so many posters recognized you immediately.  It was you, doing the world's worst black guy imitation, but you shone through all of it plain as day. 

 And you probably want to get a new reason for the fact you've  been here for many years but just now decided to join.  You've used the same one for the last three or four screen names and it's getting kinda stale. 



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I'd be real surprised if that weren't the case. The only other possibility that I see is if Maizen is doing a really good job of channeling wd's personality traits into multiple troll accounts. 

But, given that the multiple wd account thing has benn going on a lot longer than Maizen has been gone, I'm pretty sure they're all wd. Dude needs genuine, professional help. To be in your early twenties, and spend so much time doing this insane, stupid, childish crap is pretty telling. 


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If and when this place EVER goes to a phone number or IP address verification before issuing user names you're gonna be amazed at how many posters simply vanish.  The problem the mods have is you can cave a user name but all they have to do is turn around and create a new one.

You'll notice that all the names you listed plus all the names I listed have one thing in common.  They all are high usage posters who seemingly rack up 2-5K points overnight and know their way around here very, very well.  And they all just joined because of one of two reasons:

1. They lurked for a really long time and just recently decided to join (explains why they know so much about the other posters here and board history)

2. Their "friend" is a long-time member and told them all about the place so they decided to sign up.

But I do agree with MichiganFan 1984 on one thing.  It's all entertainment so if Brian/Seth dont care why he hell should I care so I really don't.  Doesnt mean I cant bust balls on him though......


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Report him via the mod action sticky - I am the only one to do so - need more voices there.

My hunch is that they are not removing him because he adds more clicks to the website and clicks > trolls. Either that or they just don't care or read through these posts.

I used to check this website maybe twice a day but now maybe twice a week and rarely look at the message board because it will be 50% MK-SkyPanther-Michgan1984-otheraccounts posts or him trolling.





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McCaffrey  could be a very good starter on most power 5 teams right now!!! Having him as a #2 is very refreshing. But he doesn't throw a better ball than Patterson...c'mon Just hope we never see him as #1 until Patterson leaves. He wont transfer.....When he steps in though, I feel there will be no drop off in production. Just very poised. Peters??? He will transfer after this year. Bank on it.

UofM Die Hard …

September 11th, 2018 at 2:53 PM ^

glad someone said it...better ball than Patterson?  Um no  

He is passing the eye test right now but Patterson is throwing dimes out there.  That ball to DPJ on the corner route back endzone...couldnt walk up and place it better.  DPJ was being held like crazy otherwise another tug for DPJ.  And on that, that tug later by DPJ, another dime pass that only could be caught by our player. 

Dylan is legit, he will be great, but Patterson is "ascending"   

B. Peters is the transfer worry, not Dylan IMO


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So a guy who has thrown a grand total of 7 passes in his collegiate career has proven to you that he throws a better ball than Shea Patterson.

Mike Damone

September 11th, 2018 at 10:17 AM ^

They both look much better than O'Korn/Peters '17.  Praise be to the gods who don the maize n blue!!!

And yes - that pass to DPJ was why Patterson will likely be a 1st rounder/early 2nd rounder in the NFL draft.  Only a few college QBs throw a bullet on an out pattern in that tight of a window.  And hate to smile at an incompletion - but that pass that went off Perry's fingers was a 30 yard rope.

Could be a fun year yet...


September 11th, 2018 at 1:31 PM ^

That pass to DPJ is what will get him drafted in the first round. Best pass thrown by a Michigan QB since Rudock's last game against Florida in bowl game. That was as accurate and perfectly placed as we have seen in a couple years.  Best part, he will only get better as season progresses and he grows comfortable with WR's.