MBB vs, Wisconsin 2nd Half Open Thread

Submitted by San Diego Mick on March 15th, 2013 at 3:33 PM

I created this thread for 2 reasons, a more entertaining half hopefully, especially for Michigan and to divide up the traffic from the other thread.

We should be leading by more, let's hope we can beat this team down, Go Blue!



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I feel like the comments on this board have been half frustrated/mostly intelligent and half red-cedar message board quality bullshit.


Fire Beilein?!?! Are you fucking kidding??  Yes, because we'd be so much better off with the likes of Phil Jackson that I'm sure most of the bandwagon fans think we're capable of getting.  Enough of this shit every goddamn time we lose.  


This team is young and they will continue to lose in frustrating ways (is there ever a non-frustrating way to lose?).  Either way I will continue to support them. There is my $0.02.




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However in this day and age you only get 2 years with most players either you can get the best out of your players or you can't. Coach B is awful e at this he has no big wins when it really counts. Beating duke early in the seasons who gives a shit win down the stretch when it counts. The last three years have shown Belien does not have what it takes to get it done. I will give him two years ago they were undersized


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This board has gained too many fair weather Sparty-esque fans. It's nearly intolerable to read most open threads. I sure as hell hope recruits/players never do. I'm fasting from MGoBlog until the Tourney. I hope those of you who throw the coaches/players under the bus at the drop of a dime gain some perspective by then.


March 15th, 2013 at 5:51 PM ^

Sure did. I think it was after the loss to Ohio State to break the streak of 16. I'm not saying I've never done it, I'm saying its become the norm that any loss is followed by the inevitable calls for [insert player/coach] here to be benched/fired. That's what I can't handle.


March 15th, 2013 at 4:57 PM ^

I will give John credit for putting this Michigan basketball program on the map again. He has a great win percentage, but time and time again he has shown his inability to get the big wins. Sometimes a change must be made and in this case I feel he should be sent packing. National titles are what we want. Big 10 titles or tourney championships don't mean shit without that national title . They are just stepping stones, no player should ever feel completely satisfied with those wins. They are tuff to come by. Only a select few get there. But let's face it national championships defines your program and heritage. This school has gone to long without one and unfortunately Belien is not Michigander man to get it done


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Remember, 5 freshmen, great recruiting classes, amazing turnaround of the program, attracts great assistants. Belein is unconventional sometimes but i like finishing third in the big ten in a rebuilding year.

UofM Die Hard …

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calm down.  Its a game, someone has to lose, we did.  Time to move onto the big dance against a non B1G team, which we have fared pretty well with this year.  Yes frustrating but lets see how we do against some other teams out there and not the beasts within this league.   


 Go enjoy your weekend everybody, life too short to be this pissed.