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Nice write up from the Daily in their hoops preview coverage.


I had never heard this bit:

After watching Albrecht play in an open gym on campus during his recruiting trip, Beilein invited him and his parents over to his house for dinner. Following the meal, he took them into his home office.
“I was kind of intimidated, like, ‘Oh shit,’ ” Albrecht recalled thinking. “He was sitting there talking, then he paused. I could tell he was thinking, about ready to make a big decision. He’s like, ‘You’re either going to get me fired or make me look like a genius.’ And then he goes, ‘How would you like to come play basketball at Michigan?’ ”
Spike accepted on the spot.



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A Hoosier for Michigan delivered a few shining moments in the biiggest game of our team's recent history......Not hard to forget, just the confident nature and fired-up personality of Mr. Albrecht will be the lasting memory for me from that performance.

And the best part is, there is more to come. Think maybe the coach might want to consider hiring Spike to work for him, if he wants to go in that direction.


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every time I see this clip.  I also can't help but get pumped everytime I see Spike get excited during a game.  This team needs to get us to the Sweet 16 and Spike will take it from there.  I don't care if he is 5'9" and 160lbs soaking wet.  The kid has heart and guts, and I am proud he is a wolverine.  I love this kid.

Go Blue!


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...this little nugget was my favorite:

“He tried to order tiramisu and he asked what was in it,” Horford said.  “I told him there was a little alcohol in it, and Coach Beilein freaked out like, ‘No, no, no you can’t have anything with alcohol in it. That’s not responsible of me.’ He made a big deal of it.”

Classic Beilein.  Also, because I can't reiterate it enough, how much better is the Daily's sportswriting than that of ESPN or the Freep?


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This is a great article! Thanks for sharing. That Beilien thought that Spike could get him fired makes me think that, at the moment, Beilien was really expecting Burke to go pro. 

Spike wins the "Zack Novak" award for sure. One of the most enjoyable players to watch on the court. 

Btown Wolverine

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Loved the article. I thought the comment at the bottom was the funniest part though:

The dude is a lot bigger in person. I'd say he's 5-11 1/2.

Oh, He's 5'11" AND A HALF?! Well, might as well pencil him into the first round, in that case.


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Great story, great writing, glad you posted this. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Wish I could really posbang you.

What an inspiration to so many kids. The reality is that most of us are "average." There aren't that many people with the combination of size and speed needed to play high level sports. I mean, we look at Peppers, look at the linemen, look at LeVert and the forwards and the 5's, and realize we can't do that. My nephew was the starting RB for St. Ignatius one of the years they won the Ohio football championship in high school. As good as he was, and as good as the team was, that was as far as he would really go. With his size and speed, it was impossible for him to even think of playing ball at a D1 school. So he played at a lower level.

Spike didn't accept that. He kept on fighting, kept on working through his limitations, and he's done very well. Of course, I love Mitch McGary and Stauskas and Burke, along with Peppers and Chesson and others, tremendously. But My hat is really off to the people who overachieve. To the Jordan Kovacs and Zack Novac and Spike Albrect's of the world. Spike, we salute you.


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Every time I read one of these articles, I am reminded of the perception of the general Michigan fan base on these boards blasting the offer and giving him the permanent "seat warmer" role.

So happy for this kid to prove those doubters wrong. I'll never forget that Nat'l Championship performance, and I have a feeling that he will put up a few more lasting memories in his final year of eligibility.

It may not have been all Spike, but his freshman year was the year Beilein received his stamp on the board as a legit elite coach. Spike is the reason, however, that I will never doubt a player Beilein brings on board.


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They all want 4-5 star recruits but sometimes you have to take players who will be a role player and that's okay.

There are tons of players with minimal to no offer list went on to become a successful NFL player. Look at Kalil Mack. Had one D1 offer which is Buffalo and went into become a top 5 pick. He's currently one of the better Lb in the league

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I'd be lying if I said I didn't want the high four star to five star guys as well, but Beilein is a talent developer. I'm not worried about these guys matching their potential with Beilein and staff at the helm. Harbaugh and staff will be very similar in their ability to develop talent to match their ceiling; only difference is that I actually expect to get those high 4* to 5* guys with Harbaugh now.