MBB Recruiting: Who was Beilein and staff showing around campus today?

Submitted by Qmatic on March 31st, 2015 at 7:24 PM

Walking back from the SSW building today I caught Coach Beilein and staff showing an individual and his family around campus. My question: is anyone aware who this is? I didn't know we had anyone visiting campus today.

EDIT: Removed photo since the individuals in it did not give consent. My apologies.




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This is creepy, no?  It's one thing if you ask for a picture and they consent, but candid photography of a group of unidentified people that have no idea they will be the subject of internet discussion later that same day? 

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Not creepy. That's the whole history of photojournalism, documentary photography and street photography. Buy a clue. It's even less so because the coach is not only in public, making him fair game just like anyone else, but he's a public figure and a newsworthy figure. His being seen with a recruit in public is also newsworthy. The recruit and his family shown in public being recruited by or being with, Beilein, is newsworthy.

The teaching of photojournalism began at a place called the University of Michigan. You guys need to learn about it, and learn the law.


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Personally, I think it's much more "creepy" when a "journalist" walks up with a TV camera to someone who has just watched her house burn down or her child get killed and says, "Could you tell us how you feel?"

Taking a pic of something that is legitimate news, such as a recruit on campus, isn't all that "creepy" to me at all.  A lot of recruiting visits end up on various twitter feeds anyway.

I am thinking the "creepy" card is overplayed here at times.


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and this kid may be Michigan's next star. I think you "Pro-creepy" fellows are a little over the top on this one. Now if he had a slew of pictures - Here he is at the Union, there they are crossing the diag - then we'd be getting into the creep zone. He provided the picture to see who could identify the recruit, that's all. I don't think taking a picture to sate recruit curiosity is too bad.


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Substitute someone close to you (mom/wife) for the woman in that picture and ask yourself if you'd like to see the internet speculate on who it is.

I'm probably oversenstive based on the downvotes, so I'll keep my unpopular opinion to myself the remainder of the thread. 


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Although I think an underage girl is a little different than a boy (and the boy is likely 17) I still don't see how substituting a woman/girl makes this creepy, assuming the girl is a person of interest (such as a recruit) and it wasn't at all sexual in nature.

If my daughter was a HS junior softball recruit and someone snapped a picture while she was on a visit and put it on the school's sports blog, I would not find that creepy at all.


April 1st, 2015 at 2:27 AM ^

The substitution of a woman is a weak straw man at best.
This is a public figure (beilein), in a public place, with another figure of public interest (the recruit).
If madonna was on campus with her daughter, and someone took a pic and said "madonnas on campus" it would be nothing, and nobody would be questioning how creepy it is, even though both are female. Its just a public figure in a public place being photographed. Tmz lives off of this.
Its not like the poster placed a random campus pic on cl missed connections to find a girl he didnt have the guts to talk to. That would be creepy.
S/he asked who someone was, who was on campus with the michigan basketball coach on a michigan blog.
would this even be called creepy if brian, ace, magnus, sam webb, tom vh, etc. Posted the same thing? Asking who the recruit with beilein was and attaching a pic? I dont know their thoughts on the practice, or pretend to. But i dont think the reply would be the same, and i doubt that any of the above would be called creepy.
Im not seeing much to debate here.


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I guess I didn't want to kill the conversation that was going on, in hindsight taking a picture probably was a bit much. I was relieving a fellow colleague at their post in the diag where we were passing out information about some of the events the SSW is putting on this month for Child Abuse Prevention Month.


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everyone is carrying a camera with them 24/7.... to me while  its a bit creppy, this is just par for the course.  I don't think this is the first or the last of these kinds of moments.


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taken and posted online without someones permission.  Now that's never happened before.  

And yea why not go say hi and introduce yourself.

turd ferguson

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As one who finds a lot of recruiting stuff creepy, this really doesn't bother me.  A photo of adults on the Diag (or wherever that was) seems much more innocuous to me than grown-ass men tweeting 14-year-olds to try to get "intel."

With that, I am curious about the OP's question.  Do we know about a recruit who was on campus today?


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My 2 cents - I see no problem posting the picture. It's not like you were peering in a window or they were doing something they wouldn't want the world to know about. They were walking in broad daylight. Not a big deal.


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I know who it was, I didn't see the picture but I know someone who was visiting today, 2016 fellow who the staff has kept in contact with quite frequently. From my hometown, saw Coach at a couple of his games this season.