MBB Recruiting: 2018 G Cormac Ryan offered

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on August 7th, 2016 at 3:59 PM

After a solid showing at UM's college practice camp, Beilein extended an offer to the guard who's somewhere between 6'3" and 6'5" depending on what site you're reading.

Beilein went to basically every single one of his AAU games this summer, and he's from the same AAU program that Duncan Robinson is (Middlesex Magic). He goes to Milton Acadmey, a NE prep school.

I bet he ends up in the class (don't have any inside info, but is from a school that appreciates UM academics, has AAU connections, and likes Beilein's slow/low-key recruiting approach).



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Looks like a human version of actors in that game my kiddos and I used to play, Backyard Baseball on the computer.



And question for basketball recruiting gurus, how common is it for a team to focus on these prep schools?  Are the kids Michigan is going after undiscovered diamonds who need an extra year or are they recruited to play at the prep school?  It just doesn't seem like Michigan chases city kids much.

East German Judge

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I hate to say it, but when I compare our basketball recruiting to our football recruiting,  it is really hard to get excited about basketball.  I truly hope JB proves me way wrong.

1 Star Legend

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has a deadly jumpshot off the dribble or the catch, exceptional ball handling/vision and plays with great instinct. This kid at worst would seem to translate to very high 4 star or even 5 star talent by his senior year.

turd ferguson

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Before we get too far into the SEES PHOTO, BITCHES ABOUT BEILEIN posts, it's worth putting some background information out there.  He has offers from Boston College, Florida, Indiana, Northwestern, Stanford, St. John's, and a handful of others.  Rivals has him as a 4-star SG (not in its top 100).  247Sports has him as a 4-star SG (#23 SG, #107 overall).  It doesn't look like ESPN or Scout have gotten around to rating him yet.


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Sorry, but as dirty as college basketball has become, the most you can expect out of a clean coach is a solid team that usually makes the NCAA's, sometimes gets to the second week and makes a nice run every four or five years.

Does anyone complaining remember just how fucked up it was before Beilein got here?

Ronnie Kaye

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Just shut up. Beilein isn't competing against the ghost of Tommy Amaker. He's competing against Tom Izzo, Thad Matta, Tom Cream, etc. And he's not doing a great job lately regardless of your baseless excuses about cheating.

matt D

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I attended the camp, and Cormac can certainly play. 6'5 is most certainly an exaggeration, but he's probably a legit 6'2.5 - 6'3. He can handle the ball, shoot off the bounce or the catch, and has nice vision. He's a much better athlete than one might think based on the film. He caught a few oops and threw down a reverse dunk off 1 leg in transition yesterday. His first step isn't great, but better than I initially thought it would be.

Where he struggles the lack of strength/mass, he was knocked off his spot several times yesterday when attempting to get to the rim. His handle/change of direction is good enough to get decent separation, but once the defender bodies him he loses balance, and fell several times. Also, he doesn't embrace physicality/contact, IE no dog there. There are also some concerns about his competition level with Middlesex Magic (AAU club) - its certainly not on par with EYBL, and clearly below Adidas and UA as well.

Definitely think he's an upper tier prospect, and vastly underranked in general. He's not a top 30 type because he simply doesn't have that type of athleticism/explosion, but I do think he's probably a 60-80 type player with a really nice skillset. He's a smaller, and less skilled version of Stauskas in HS.