MBB Recruiting: 2017 F Jamal Cain (Detroit)

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Beilein dropped in to watch '17 forward Jamal Cain play yesterday. Cain is a 6'7" forward out of Cornerstone Health and Tech in Detroit. He wasn't on the radar of most recruiting services last year, but has shot up the Rivals rankings to #70 now. He's had a few monsters games this year, but Cornerstone (IIRC) is Class D so the competition isn't as tough.

This is a recruitment that has the potential to heat up quickly. Notable offers are from Xavier, Wash St, and Georgia. The Xavier offer is particularly notable since they've pulled a few underrated players out of Michigan in recent years who are thriving there (Jalen Reynolds and Edmond Sumner).

Seems like a good athlete, nice looking jumpshot for a tall wing. Don't see him attacking the basket much in highlights so it's tough to get a sense for his ball-handling ability. Two question marks there. Kid looks like he may have a few more inches to grow, too, and definitely will fill out a bit more.

According to one message board poster, there were a few snickers in the crowd about Beilein's presence at the game and his lack of thereof in the recent past.



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One thing that's clear is we need to start getting better talent everywhere. We might not be getting the # 1 guy in the class with this staff but we need to start getting top 50 and top 100 guys.


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In Beilein's defense (shocker to see those words next to each other), Walton and Irvin were both top 50 guys or thereabouts (Irvin near 5* status) and Donnal was right around 100. Add LeVert to that mix and on paper you've got a solid team. Just hasn't panned out as expected.

Plus, it's the 2014 class that killed us. The best player so far was a 2* that didn't even have any MAC offers.


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Yeah.  When you have 6 guys and maybe 2 of them are producing at even an average level for you, that's not a good sign.

I like Wagner with another year (he's obviously a talented shooter; just needs to get bigger and more comfortable with the offense), and Robinson has had some good moments and should be better with another year of conditioning and strength training.  


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I also think that the 2016 class looks like kids that will stick around and Beilein can build up a bit, which is sort of what killed him with the other classes having guys that pretty quickly made the jump to the league.  Again, when I hear announcers talk about Costello and Valentine as these elite players Izzo molded, I remember they are both from the same class as Mitch, Nik, and GR III.  


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Although Beilein doesn't recruit many players out of the city of Detroit, lets not pretend he didn't chase Winston around for 2+ years either. I have seen him around watching the Detroit kids. He doesn't end up fully engaging a lot of the City of Detroit kids, but he has an unfair stigma attached to him that he is NEVER around the city.


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Yep, and to be honest, Detroit isn't a hotbed of talent anymore. Walton and Monte Morris were highly ranked guys. Jaylen Johnson and Jaylen Reynolds were both well regarded. But that was two years ago. I don't think there were any guys in the top 150 in Detroit last year. Sumner was just a 3* and has simply outperformed his ranking (still bummed we didn't go after him...kid was/is really good and it seemed the only real knock on him was that he was super skinny).


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Actually, they did track Sumner. He visited a few times. Just never pulled the trigger on an offer. He hit a late growth spurt but was barely 150 lbs when he pledged to Xavier. Beilein and co. have been pretty good at projecting those kind of guys. They missed that one though.


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When Detroit is snickering at you....that is beyond bad. I realize not everyone can get into Michigan or may not have the shiny character desired. ...but there has to be a better median reached. Hopefully we can begin recruiting Detroit again. This is a start.


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Theres a kid by the name of Demetrius Lake (Holland) that is really good! I've been keeping an eye on his box scores since the game I saw him play, in which he dropped 50 points in


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5'10" from Holland sounds like a soccer recruit-- not a Division 1 basketball player.  There's a 6'0" kid from Williamston (Ryan Lewis) who puts up even bigger numbers and he just committed (coincidentally) to Hope.  And having watched him, that is the level he belongs at.

Willy Wonka

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I've seen nearly every game he's had this season. Kid puts up those numbers being double and triple teamed all the time. He'd average 10-12 assists a game as well if he had more supporting talent. The biggest kid on their roster is 6'5. He plays for the Michigan Mustangs for AAU and it is really hard to deny that he has talent when he was recognized First Team All State as a Sophomore. The game in which he had 50 he had a 3 buzzer beater in the 4th quarter to break a 50 year old school scoring record.

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