MBB Recruiting: 2016 G Kevin Huerter

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Per numerous outlets, Michigan has started to look closely at 2016 G Kevin Huerter out of Shenendehowa High in New York. He's a 6'5" PG for his high school team, but plays more at off-guard for his AAU team, the Albany City Rocks. Apparently he blew up this past weekend at the EYBL and picked up a handful of offers from a few afterwards, including notables Iowa, Maryland, Miami (FL), and Xavier. 

Reminds me a bit of MSU commit and one-time UM target Matt McQuaid. Huerter seems to have better handles than McQuaid and a more natural looking jumpshot (McQuaid's is goofy looking but definitely works), but McQuaid seems to be a better all-around athlete.



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Worth noting that this kid plays in northern New York, an area in which Beilein has a ton of connections. I think a Rivals article mentioned that one of his teammates played for Coach B at LeMoyne.


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names coming up in the 2016 class as we seem to be trailing for all of our top targets except for maybe Langford and even that is no slam dunk (hoops pun). 


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He'd need about 3 years in Camp Sanderson to even look like a Big 10 guard...frail is an understatement... No thanks, Michigan should be looking for more elite athletes that him.


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Same AAU team as Taylor Battle from penn st. and Jimmer Fredette. Battle and Fredette played together. Now that is a crazy team in relatively talent poor Albany NY.


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D1 level, I am all for it. We need a PG in 2016 and if none of our current offers are ready to pull the trigger, get this kid. He is 6-5, good vision, shares the ball and can shoot. He could red-shirt a year, hit the weights and be ready to go in 2017. If we end up with a better PG, this guy can easily slide over to the two.


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He is putting up impressive numbers in EYBL and every D1 school except the bluebloods have offered. He is legit. 

Only other guard we have a good shot at is Winston (lead EYBL in scoring and assist on crazy efficiency). Murray and Langford are long shots. Battle and DTJR are Duke/Louisville bound. The staff has cooled on Ramsey and Goodin is waiting on a Louisville offer. 


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Iowa, Maryland, Baylor, Xavier , Oklahoma, Creighton, Marquette, Davidson & Miami a few schools he has offers from. 

UVA, Syracuse, Notre Dame all checking him out. 

Get him + Winston and its a great class. 


Sons of Louis Elbel

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When I was a senior at Albany High, our bball team was undefeated until we lost to Shen in the Section II finals. One thing to lose to those a$$holes in football, but in basketball? Ugh. The star of their team, Greg Koubek, went from there to, naturally, Duke.

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the writing is on the wall for the elite recruits in the '16 class.  sigh. 

How many drafted guards is it going to take for kids to realize the NBA factory Beilein is operating?