MBB ranked 10th in final AP Poll

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on March 18th, 2013 at 4:17 PM
Per espn. They're tied with New Mexico at #10 in the final AP Poll of the regular season. Regardless of what happens in the tournament, it's been a good season. Ranked in the top-10 all year long for the first time in a long time.



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That's all that matters.  You're going to have to beat the 1 seeds at some point, the 4 just means you'll have to do it a round earlier. 

As far as why the 4 seed - the poor finish to the season and the real lack of a signature win are the two factors that come to mind.  Sure they had a couple nice wins at home but the team didn't win a single game in which they were the underdog all season long. 


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Would your expectations for this team be wildly different if a half court buzzer beater not gone in, a second half collapse hadn't occurred in Happy Valley, and a couple of free throws or layup made at the end of the regular season?

The difference between a 26-7 and a 29-4 team is razor thin, but our expectaions of the latter would be final four or disappointment!

Michigan is the highest rated 4 seed. Their KenPom efficiency sits at .9283 just a hair over 2011 UConn's .9270. They'll be playing "at home". With officials that might know how to call a foul.

I don't know if I'll be laying the points vs SDSt, but I'm also pretty sure Trey Burke's last game as a Wolverine will not be this weekend.


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It seems to me that the seeding of a few B1G teams had some inconsistency.   Seems like Michigan got punished by getting ousted by Wisc...but we had a slightly better body of work than what that loss would indicate.  However, ohio had a similar body of work, and got a 2 seed based upon winning the tournament.  Indiana, however, loses to the same Wisc team and still gets a great seed.  Wisc, the team that beat IU and UM...gets a ... 5 seed?   I'm a bit confused.


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They had a pretty rough non-conference season, and the committee apparently didn't give any more credit to late games than it did to early games this year...OSU just had more good wins than Michigan did.  They won at IU, beat Wisconsin twice, beat MSU twice, and beat Michigan once.   OSU also had no losses to bad teams. 


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It was pretty clear where the AP voters thought Michigan should be, at least if we talk about a range of rankings. 42 votes fell between 9th and 11th, but the distribution was:

 - 6 votes for 8th place

 - 13 votes for 9th place

 - 17 votes for 10th place

 - 12 votes for 11th place

 - 4 votes for 12th place

 - 7 votes for 13th place

 - 2 votes for 14th place

 - 2 votes for 16th place

 - 1 vote each for 17th place and 18th place

The final average voting position was 10.78, down from 7.08 last week. In the end, each loss cost us an average of 1.75 places, whereas wins created an average gain of 0.83 spots in the distribution of the individual voting. 


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Despite all our (real or perceived) inconsistencies, drop-off in performance at the end of the season, deterioration of defense and freshman hitting a wall, We have been a Top 10 team all year - ALL year. This is a spectacular achievement with a young team in the especially brutal BIG. I would be disappointed if we don't make it to the second weekend in the NCAA tournament but what our team has been able to accomplish this season thus far is highly commendable.


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Cbball should adopt a BCS-like system to select seeds. The whole bubble drama makes for good TV but it is dumb and so arbitrary. Let the seed-predicting computers give input and voters help for the eye test and move on. Why oh why rank Michigan 10 and then put us as a 4 seed.