MBB Michigan/Illinois post game thread

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That game open thread is gettin BIG...



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this basketball team...my family has had season tickets since the late 90's, barely ever miss home games.  We have seen so many awful bball games, but this team is making me forget all of those horrible basketball moments.  Go Blue. Forever proud to be a wolverine.

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A few comments on the game:

- Stauskas with one of his best games, esp in the first half.

-We're capable of winning even when Burke doesn't get his shooting going right away.

-Seeing Horford, McGary, and Bielfeldt step up in the absence of Morgan is tremendously encouraging. Bielfeldt = Albrecht of the big men - not competing for the starting job, but capable of plugging gaps in the rotation off the bench.

- Also, a point from the Purdue game on the "Why we love McGary" front.  After one of his dunks, the announcer accurately pointed out that he was the first one back on D.  No preening, no patting himself on the back, nothing but effort.  Also, I noticed that on the final possession, while we were just dribbling it out & the rest of the team was casually walking up the court, McGary was still sprinting the length of the floor at top speed.  Again, nothing but effort out of the big man.


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I would gladly give all of my points to the dude in the pic to the right of McGary.  I remember that post like it was yesterday.  Step up bro.  

We ALL owe you for being such a great rep of this institution.  

Mr. Yost

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This is the 2nd game in a row I thought we didn't start playing like we should until we stepped up our effort and energy defensively. Both times in the 2nd half it clicked and we really took off from there.

I'd love to see us bring it from the opening tip, but I'm glad to win on the road in conference against a good, not great team.


Morgan - Damn. I hope he's healthy for IU...we need him against Zeller.

Robinson - He showed me a lot this game. He's gotten better defensively and he showed even more skill on the offensive end with that drive to the hoop in the first half. I'd love to see him play SF a little bit but we just have so much guard depth it's pointless. GRIII played a great game, his play is perfect for this team because he's in the right spot at all times.

Stauskas - Welcome back! I'm always harder on Nik than most because I know shooting isn't everything. Stauskas played (BY FAR) his best B1G game. He just settled down and let the game come to him. I only recall one forced shot. But he picked his spots and attacked. I also thought he played decent defensively. He still helps off his man too much, but Illinois couldn't hit a damn thing so it didn't matter. All in all, MVP of the game along with Horford.

Robinson - He's gotten so much better and so much more consistent. Love his game right now.

Burke - Welp. That was pretty "meh." Definitely Burke's worst game of the year. What frustrated me the most was all of the ISOs...RUN SOMETHING! Even a pick and roll, something, ANYTHING. I think the only ISO he made was at the end of the first half. He seriously was like 1-14 on those plays. He did step it up defensively, so props there.

McGary - Welp. That was pretty "meh." Definitely McGary's worst game of the year. He couldn't catch the ball. He couldn't rebound. He didn't make any hustle plays. No energy. He looked lost. He seriously looked like he was playing feeling under the weather. There wasn't even the arms waving! Hopefully he can bounce back because Max B. and Horford both played much better tonight. Always love the way he runs the floor though. Can't take that for granted.

Horford - Feels good to watch him play...feels better to watch him play well. He played OUTSTANDING tonight. His best game of the year. One thing about all of these NBA sons, brothers, etc. is that we have some really SMART kids on this team. THJ, Robinson and Horford clearly understand the game of basketball. Horford like GRIII was always in the right spot. You could just tell he "gets it." He understands time and possession. Loved his game tonight.


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I agree with everything except for the McGary comments. 

6 points, 8 rebounds (4 of those being offensive rebounds) is not a bad game judging by his baseline thus far.  Not to mention his points came at crucial times, i.e. ending Illini scoring runs. 

Horford being healthy is so incredibly important.  He, Morgan, and McGary are going to be vital throughout the year.  I really appreciated Bielfeldt's minutes as well.


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Else see Burke's post game interview? Apparently Trey forgot Morgan is only a Jr., and not a Sr. Regardless, it was great to see the team pick up the W with Morgan on the bench. Seeing the bigs play the way the did can leave the option for him to sit against NW if need be, and get him ready for the IU game Saturday.

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Yeah, I remember the Chris Street thing, and how sad it was at the time, but I'd kind of forgotten about it. That piece was excellent.  I actually would've watched more on that story- it was really touching to see his parents, especially. You also just couldn't help but feel for them; they were (and still are) obviously so, so proud of him.