MBB: Michigan is looking at Kostas Antetokounmpo ('16)

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This is from UMHoops via Sam Webb (original article is paywalled).  Antetokounmpo is the younger brother of Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Bucks.  He's 6'11" and apparently pretty raw.



More articles on Antetokounmpo:



A highlight showing his size and athleticism:



Michigan has an interesting scholarship situation with regard to '17-'18.  Xavier Simpson will be the only true PG on the roster as of right now.  And all of Michigan's small forward types will be seniors (I'm counting Ibi Watson as a two and DJ Wilson as a five). 



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I remember a recent player who we all waited anxiously to show signs of the athleticism of his brother. Unfortunately, he never turned into the kind of player his brother was. 

Al Horford >>> Jon Horford

Sometimes, being the brother of an NBA level dude doesn't guarentee the same kind of fortune. 


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When I graduated from HS I was 6'3.5" and lucky to hit 150 lbs. on the scale. I drank protien shakes withy every meal and ate 5-6 large meals each day. Worked out but couldn't build any muscle in my upper body - lower body developed fairly well.

I didn't break 165 for good until I hit 27 years old. Now I'm 40 and 210 lbs.

Just had a crazy metabolism for a long time.


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I was 5'11 around 115 my freshman year.  Gaining 9" in a year will do that.

Then gained 80 lbs over the next two years.  

You don't become 6' 11" without growing quickly.

Also few kids are doing significany strenth training, which adds weight and muscle, they're doing lots of running and cardio though, so at least it's all good weight.  Make them squat and bench(much better exercises but at least hit those two), and eat lots of lean protein, they'll bulk up.


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It's a diabolical plan by Beilein to get 7 players on the court at once.  He'll have Teske, Davis, and Kostas (I'm not attempting his last name) all enter at the same time while standing back to back to back.  They are so thin that it will look like one average weight player is entering.  When play begins, razor thin hell is unleashed!

At least that's my theory.


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That's why the SEC and NCAA ignore the B1G in regards to satellite camps and the majority of rulings, they figure why would they listen, not like we're trying anyway.

The NCAA has more important things to do, like decide how to reward those that are trying.  "How can we help UNC, it isn't fair that they got caught"
"How can we protect the south, we can no longer let Alabama sign 30+ players, lets keep the north from having camps there"
"Poor Bohnheim may have his reputation tarnished, lets just and pardon Syracuse"
"Calipari brings us a lot of money, how can we help Kentucky from being caught?"


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Kostas, assuming he is like his older brothers, is the athletic defense oriented player folks have been clamoring for Michigan to recruit.


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I wonder where Giannis was at the same stage in his development? The average basketball ball fan might not see Giannis play or even heard of him. But that kid is a freak and is a year away from being a superstar.
My man is a legit 6'10 and can play 4 positions. And is rumored to become the Bucks full time point guard next season.


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Yeah, that's definitely a problem, from what I hear - you need to get into that Heraklion pipeline or you are effectively shut out of the eastern Mediterranean. Why they haven't sent staff here is beyond me. Perhaps part of the duties of Jordan's replacement will be recruiting former Mycenean strongholds for talent.


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He was tearing up this camp a year ago and Jonathan Givony (draft express) was wondering why he had so few offers. If we got him he would immediately become the most athletic kid on our team. Yes please!

The Mad Hatter

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from Memphis and Iowa State.  Seems unusual for a 4* top 100 ranked player.

Then again, he's 6' 10" and 190lbs, so maybe teams are concerned about a potential meth addiction.


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Schools looked at him and backed off.I personally seen him play 3 times this season and he is garbage.Yes he is the brother of 2 nba players,a legit 6"10,athletic ,etc. But he has no game,a project that others can see. Division 4 high school player averaging 12 points a game.5-32 from 3, 50 percent free throw shooter,weak,Crys about every call,lazy with piss poor attitude.No thanks, just said 3 weeks ago when I seen him that he has actually regressed.Not surprised schools have backed off.

Avon Barksdale

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Fairly large disparity in his rankings. #114 to Rivals (3 star), 3 star to ESPN, Top 60  guy to 247 and solid 4 star Top 100 to Scout. Can he rebound or defend though?