MBB Losses to Northwestern

Submitted by bnagy05 on January 18th, 2011 at 11:16 PM

Are you seriously kidding me?? We lose to Northwestern?? This is getting pathetic. I'm not saying that we need a change...but maybe I am. We don't have anyone that can drive the lane and finish at the basket. We pass the ball around the 3 point line for 30 seconds and settle for a weak shot from behind the arc. Its bad basketball and its hard to watch.



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We were playing well against good teams but now we're in a slump.  This team is young and playing like a young team.  Wait unitl the end of the season to see if they make or break pre-season expectations (.500 record or so with 6-8 wins in the Big 10)


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Here's the remaining schedule:

Sat, Jan 22 Minnesota
Thu, Jan 27 at (18) Michigan State
Sun, Jan 30 Iowa
Thu, Feb 3 at (2) Ohio State
Sun, Feb 6 at Penn State
Wed, Feb 9 Northwestern
Sat, Feb 12 Indiana
Wed, Feb 16 at (16) Illinois
Sat, Feb 19 at Iowa
Wed, Feb 23 (20) Wisconsin
Sat, Feb 26 at Minnesota
Sat, Mar 5 (18) Michigan State

There is no way we win 5-7 more B1G games.

I see maybe 3-4 more wins on this schedule, if we're lucky.


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They're a consistently horrible shooting program. That's not a good thing when all you do is hoist up one long shot after another.


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Consistently horrible shooting program... that put Kansas in OT and kept it crazy close with OSU and Cuse.  That doesn't defend these losses, but they're a bunch of freshmen that have, all things considered, wholly outplayed expectations so far this year.

I agree there's a time to attack how the team plays, but as far as I can tell that time was last year.


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It seems like there was an open thread about the basketball game. Hmmmm...

To reply to your post though, we know this sucks. Shurna's first half buried us and Darius only played about half the game. We're still a young team. I know this phrase needs to die out at some point, but it's not like anyone was thinking that this was going to be our year before the season. Especially after losing Manny and DeShawn.


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Was at the game. Team looked unfocused, lacked confidence especially on D. Younger guys are really struggling, Horford and Morgan esp. Definitely out of sync. It seemed like there was a lot more sideline coaching then usual - players getting distracted by coaches, losing the rhythm of the game. On an interesting note, I saw Adam Rittenberg wandering around with Mike Rothstein from AnnArbor.com. Adam Rittenberg = more shlubby in person.


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Ok, so clearly some bad losses recently. Looking forward, what needs to happen to make the tournament? What do we need to do in the big ten, who do we need to beat? Is it even possible?


January 19th, 2011 at 3:50 AM ^

Or just win the rest of the games, no big deal.

Seriously though, I'd like to think they have a shot if they can beat tsio and one or two of the other ranked opponents. 2-2 against MSU and tsio is a couple of signature wins, plus it puts the conference record at something resembling respectable.


January 19th, 2011 at 12:15 AM ^

Everyone realizes that this is the year Northwestern is supposed to make the NCAA tournament and we will be lucky to make the NIT.  Why would anyone expect to win this game?  Northwestern is pretty good this year and hopefully we can beat them at home.


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I mean Beilein is only in his 4th year at Michigan with 3 full recruiting classes. Why should we expect more than a (hopeful) NIT berth (even with an expanded tournament)?

Maybe in 2-3 more years, we can get back into the NCAAs? If so, give him an extension!


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It's a young team in a bad place mentally that's playing against teams playing for their life at home.

That said, oh my god was last night awful.

Indiana Blue

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I didn't think this team would go back to back horrible games ... wrong !

I really wish Beilein would have pulled a "Bob Knight" and just put the all the starters on the bench for the start of the 2nd half.  They play absolutely zero defense, no hussle and when your point guard leads the team in "points in the paint" you have a huge problem in the middle.

I really had high hopes of winning at IU and NW ... nope blown out in both.  Look out below ........

Go Blue ! 


January 19th, 2011 at 10:07 AM ^

Let me begin by saying that I am certainly not ready to hang John Beilein from the Burton Bell Tower.  I believe before we run to Stadium Hardware for a long durable rope, we need to reflect back on where this program was before his arrival.  After we spend 10 minutes doing that, then we can begin to examine some other things...

**couple things from above:

Almost ANY major conference team can gear up at home and play a top team close at home.  Before we all become excited with the way UM played Kansas and OSU at home, realize that winning basketball games on the road in Division 1 is not an easy thing to do, even for the best teams, just ask Duke. I would hope and pray these kids can get up for Kansas!  I could sit here and address Kansas' issues and why that game was so close, but that's not really the point of my post..

Northwestern is a SOLID basketball team. Carmody is an excellent coach who now has a decent amount of talent, and a number of upperclassmen. They play good half court defense, and have excellent spacing on offense, which allows there above average shooters open looks, and their PG Thompson the freedom to make good decisions. As a bettor of College baskets, I was shocked that NW was not a DD favorite in Evanston, and cashed on the 6' I had to lay.  That also however is not the point of this post..

I personally do not believe UM has the personnel to run Beilein's system.  Please remember that his system is built around shooters, AND SPACING, effort, and teamwork.  We have a handful of decent shooters.  That being said, even good shooters don't put the ball down when their looks are contested.  IMO, this comes from a lack of discipline, belief in the system, reluctance to screen correctly, not moving with a purpose without the basketball, and thus horrific spacing on offense.

As much as I do not enjoy all the praise DM receives from the BTN, and as much as I HATE the fact he has no LH, I do believe he is talented and can get better.  THJ is athletically very gifted, JH the same.  Yes, they are extremely young, but does that mean they can't run this system?  And the bigger question, why is Beilein recruiting these type of players to run his kind of system???  Michigan has been so much better in the open court this year.  I don't have numbers in front of me at 9 am cst, but when they win the FB points battle, they WIN games!  Of course you have to run an offense in the half court, but at what point do you realize you have a couple incredibly gifted athletes and a PG who excels in pushing the tempo and making things happen? And I am not a huge fan of DM, I just would rather focus on his strengths instead of dwelling on his weaknesses-I get to do that with each game I re-watch.

The future is there.  It is not as bad as some are making it out to be.  I believe however there needs to be a better grip on the system, and the players recruited to play in it.  It's kind of like putting Andrew Luck in a wishbone, bad analogy, but I haven't had enough coffee for a better one.  CM is going to be solid.  DM has a chance to be good.  The other kids aside from Horford and Hardaway Jr. are role players who have a chance to fit.  This team just needs more direction, confidence, discipline, and experience.

Just my $.02 as a College basketball fan, and GO BLUE!