MBB: Ignas Brazdeikis is now a Rivals 5 star

Submitted by MichiganStan on January 9th, 2018 at 1:51 PM

According to Chris Balas on twitter 2018 Michigan signee Ignas has been upgraded to a 5 star. For whatever reason it states in the article that they dont list him in the 2018 list because he plays for a school outside of the US.


If you've watched his highlights posted on twitter over the last couple months its no surprise here. Ignas can do it all. He's got size at 6'7 185. He's athletic. He shoots good from 3. He can throw down monstorous dunks.

50pt game highlights: 






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6'7" and 185?!?!?! He's got HEIGHT, I don't know about SIZE. 

FYI, I weigh 45 pounds more, and he's got 7 inches on me. One of us has some work to do, and it ain't me... :-D


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Foster Loyer being way ahead of Dejulius is insane. Seen both play many times. If Loyer is top 70 based on offense. Dejulius should be top 50. Loyer will struggle gaurding and finishing in college, but is very very good shooter.


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Obviously head to head is not some end all be all, but Loyer and Dejulius played each other a few weeks back to end 2017. Loyer and Clarkston were up 18 at the half, but Dejulius and East English came back to win 80-71. Loyer had 21 points while Dejulius had 42 points (17 in the 4th), 5 assists and 5 rebounds. It was Clarkston's first loss of the year.

To outplay your counter part to that degree, especially in a comeback win makes me lean towards Dejulius being the better prospect. Obviously it's only one game but it's promising, and I know Matt D from Endless Motors agrees since he has Dejulius as a top 100 player and Loyer as 120.


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NBADraft.net currently has Wagner as a 2nd rounder this year and Matthews as a 2nd next year. Based on a short look I can't find any mock with either in the first this year.

Based on that it seems like a good shot we get one if not both back next year, but things can change quickly especially come tournament time. Also like with DJ last year, all it takes is one team to say we'll take you in the 1st and they could be gone.


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Relatedly we are currently one scholarship under the 13 player limit and are losing 3 seniors (Robinson, MAAR, Simmons) next year with a class of 5 kids coming in. That would put us one over the limit in the case neither Matthews nor Wagner goes pro.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Watson transfer out after this year, especially if Matthews does come back (which seems likely as of now). He doesn't play a ton currently as a true sophomore and he can only play the 2 or 3. He's already behind Poole and Matthews with Brazdeikis and Nunez are both coming in as wing players next year. Considering he can still red-shirt, if I were a betting man I'd say more likely than not he's gone.

Also I think there's a small chance Austin Davis goes, especially if Wagner stays. He'd be behind Wagner and Teske with Castleton coming. Davis was such a raw recruit that he could just be taking longer to explode, or he could just never develop into a B1G type player. Not nearly as likely, but I think he's a dark horse transfer candidate if Moe comes back.


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Wagner and Matthew stay, it'd have to be Watson or Davis to go.  Which one leaves would probably depend on which of Matthews or Wagner stays (if Wagner, Davis might want to look elsewhere, if Matthews, Ibi might want to take a look around).

I'd be very surprised if Mo comes back, though.  So I don't think Watson or Davis will transfer after this year.  They might after the following year if they get passed by younger players (likely Ibi gets passed by Iggy next year.  Davis has a chance to fight off Castleton for a year or two).

Guy Fawkes

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Does anyone know the current scholarship situation? Obviously a 5 man incoming class. Simmons, Robinson, and MAAR depart. Can Michigan welcome back Matthews and Wagner if they so choose? Or will it funk up the numbers