MBB to host Arizona on Dec. 14

Submitted by goblue16 on May 7th, 2013 at 11:32 PM

Michigan mens Basketball will Officially host Arizona at Crisler Center on Dec. 14. Reports came out a while ago but the Arizona daily star has said its official. this should be a great game between two ranked teams. Michigans schedule gets better and better. Wonder why they didnt schedule a meeting for football would have loved to see us go against Rich Rods new team just to see how we match up. What do you guys think?

Edit: Forgot the link http://www.mlive.com/wolverines/index.ssf/2013/05/report_michigan_basketball_to_2.html



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Schedules buidling for some great games this season. I dont think they go 13-0 like last year, but a few losses early might be better for them


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That road game at Iowa st and the road game (most likely) in the ACC /BIG challenge should help get are team ready for the tough envirnments in the Big ten. I think it was wisley scheduled.


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Honestly i expect another abismal seson from the Pac-12. Not a lo of returning talent and the incoming talent is average. hell i think we can beat any of those teams. Might as well schedule UCLA

Cali Wolverine

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...PAC 12 is by no means the strong conference it was several years ago when it was loaded with the likes of Westbrook, Love, Mayo, Harden, Lopez twins, etc, but most teams are returning their talent and the league, while almost unwatchable this year, will be way better next year...Arizona, Stanford, Cal, Colorado and Oregon are all solid tourney teams...UCLA may take a step back. No Shabaz...and their is already a fire Steve Alford website up and running.


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Ok, clearly you've ruled out the possibility of anyone not wanting to play Arizona's football team. After all, you either liked Rich Rod or you didn't. As you observe, it's obvious that both factions want to play him. 

But wait, if that's the case, how come I don't want Michigan to play him? How come the poster you responded to doesn't want to play him? What kind of aberrant anomalies must we be?


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Why on Earth would you love to play RichRod? Let that dying horse lay. That's almost as bad as rescheduling the Horror... Oh wait, that you DB?


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A home and home with Arizona. This, as well as the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, are helping to keep Michigan basketball in the spotlight. We all know that HS kids love watching these high profile games. Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, MSU, Louisville, etc all participate in these games year in and year out. I'm really happy to see Michigan making an effort to become a part of this group. 

The Brooklyn Pre-season NIT was awesome and I think really helped us early in the year. 

I'm hoping we get either Duke or UNC in the Big-10/ACC Challenge. That would make for one heck of a non-conference schedule.


Stanford @ Barclays Center (Brooklyn Nets home arena)

@ either Duke or UNC hopefully 

@ Iowa State

Georgetown/Florida State/Kansas State/VCU and Michigan headline the Puerto Rico Tip-Off.

Not just a football school anymore!

Go Blue!




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The return of Damon Stoudamire to AZ is going to upgrade their personnel, starting in 2014.  Stoudamire is a great recruiter, and has some pretty good "ins" from his time recruiting at Memphis.  

I know ESPN has them at #4 in the "way too early top 25," but playing them early in this season may be the best time to catch them for a long time.


May 8th, 2013 at 1:12 AM ^

You brought up the name so I'll say the BB matchup is good and I absolutely think RR would love to play us in a few years. I think...I KNOW....the guy is still bitter over not being given the time (and help, in his mind) he was promised. If he creates anything near his WVU teams he'd love nothing more than to come back and try to beat us.


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"Wonder why they didnt schedule a meeting for football would have loved to see us go against Rich Rods new team just to see how we match up. What do you guys think?"

I could be wrong here as I am trying to remember disjointed articles, but when Rodriguez was hired by Arizona, I had thought there was some speculation that Arizona had offered to put Michigan on the schedule at some point within the first few years of his tenure there. As I recall, most of our OOC slots for a few years out were already taken, so it wasn't likely to begin with, and I believe that Michigan's response to the idea was cool at best. Again, I could be misremembering something. 

In any case, this will make for two games against the Pac-12 inside a week - I believe that we play Stanford a week later on December 21st at Barclays Center. Between these and the Puerto Rico Tip-Off and the Big Ten-ACC Challenge, I am liking the OOC slate this coming season. 

Perkis-Size Me

May 8th, 2013 at 11:03 AM ^

Scheduling a game with the Zona basketball team? Hell yes.

Schedule the football team? Ehhhh not so much. Sure, I think we would beat them, but its just too soon. And I don't want to deal with the idea of wondering what the state of Ann Arbor would be if RichRod escaped town with a win. But I guess I'll be doing that with App State next year so I suppose I might as well get used to it.


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Its a good thing that we are playing two big men next year considering Arizona has tons of size/talent up front.  GRIII does not want to guard/rebound against Gordon/Ashley.