MBB Hello: Preferred walk-on PG Andrew Dakich

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andrew dakich@daycheck37m

An unbelievable day in Ann Arbor and after speaking with my family about it, I have decided to attend the university of Michigan! Can't Thank all the people who helped influence me on my decision. I just want to win national championships and that's what Michigan is all about ...I am grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to the best 4 years of my life! Go blue!!!!! pic.twitter.com/J5I5eTNqaR




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If people don't like Dakich's delivery/attitude, that's one thing.  But to say that he has some anti-Michigan bias is ridiculous.  He loves Beilein and frequently mentions that Beilein's coaching job at West Virginia is the best he's ever seen.  The only time that I can remember him unfairly criticizing Michigan was during the whole GRIII punch incident, which made Dakich look bad (he refused to admit that he was wrong even after the conclusive second camera angle was released.)  Other than that, he calls it as he sees it.  I like it; I'd rather have my announcers approach each game with a fresh perspective than have them compliment certain players based on past performances.  Bob Knight is the best at this because he rarely knows much about the teams that he's watching, so he often sees the players for what they are (in that game) rather than what they are supposed to be.


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People flipped their collective shit when Dakich power ranked Michigan below OSU, MSU, and Indiana (maybe Illinois and/or Wisconsin at one point).

Michigan wound up finishing 5th in the conference.

Apparently, people hate commentators that are correct.

However, he also got into a bitchy, hissy-fit with Anthony Wright on Twitter that was very immature.  I'd like to think most of the hate is because of that (since it would then be warranted), but most of the hate started when Dakich was critical of Michigan during B10 season, which was totally warranted.


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Are there no Walton children available to join him on the team?  Maybe Lou Holtz has a kid that wants to walk on to the football team?


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Given that the team seemed to be losing ALL OF THE WALK-ONS this year, I think this great. I hope he's happy with his decision and hope he can push Spike and Derrick.  Welcome young Andrew.


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Good pickup, at least from the little known about him.  I don't undervalue the role these guys play in the program's consistency and resiliency.  

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Good!  Never hurts to have guys on the team with connections in the game like this.  And if it means that his dad is going to do a 180 and love Michigan to death now, that's a nice bonus.





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Now I'm going to feel terribly confused when Dan Dakich says something I strongly dislike because now his son plays for Michigan. I will be really conflicted for the next 4-5 years