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DJ Wilson for basketball

Chris Balas ‏@Balas_Wolverine 2m 
Grantham to Clemson. D.J. Wilson is in AA now - expect him to be a Wolverine. Would have even if Grantham had pledged to U-M.



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Here is Wilson's profile over at UMHoops - (LINK)

Supposedly, the Crystal Ball is saying 100% Michigan. His 247 Consenus Rank was 162.

According to his Rivals page, he visited Columbia and Gonzaga most recently and has offers from CSU Northridge, Boise State, Harvard, USC and a few other schools. 


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At one point a two years back, the net worth of the families on the basketball team must've been impressive.

Jordan Dumars - millionaire father;

Josh Bartelstein - millionaire father;

GRIII - millionaire father;

Jon Horford - millionaire brother, not sure about his dad since pros didn't make much back in the day;

Evan Smotrycz - I think his parents were doing pretty well;  

Stu Douglass - from Carmel, IN, one of the most affluent areas in Indiana


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Sorry to nitpick, but GRIII wasn't on the team 2 years ago. He was never on the same team with Stu, Evan or Jordan as GRIII is only a true sophmore.  

I do see your point though and agree that our team probably had one of the highest net worths in all of Division 1 basketball.


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Maybe you haven't paid attention to Basketball recruiting over the past few years, but Beilien is one of the best coaches I have ever seen at finding a diamond in the rough or spotting a great player before other people take notice. Look at some of these players without a good offer list:

- Novak - I don't think he had 1 division one offer. Ended up being one of the best players on our team that led us back to the tournament.

-Caris Levert - Only had 2 other Division 1 offers and those were from Ohio and Dayton. 

- Nik Stauskus - His best offer was from Iowa St and Wake Forest. That's not bad, but those are about the same level as USC and Boise St that you are ragging on above.

- Trey Burke - Wasn't really getting much attention until well after he signed with Michigan. His best offers were Penn St. and Cincy which the Cincy offer came well into his Senior Season of high school ball.

If I have learned one thing over the past few years in terms of Michigan Basketball it is to not doubt Beilien's judge of talent. If Beilien is going to offer it is for a good reason!! Also look at this guy. He is 6'8 or 6'9 and extremely long, can dribble, very smart and has a great shot for a big man and can play SG, SF, or PF (if he bulks up). Really his main weakness is strength and bulk. If he is up for it, then he may even be a good canidate to redshirt just to add 20 lbs of muscle before he sees the floor.


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The fact that BB offers are totally different from FB offers. Most CFB teams have anywhere between 18-25 scholarships to give out per cycle. Factor in yield, and it's not unusual for a CFB team -- even a really high end program -- to offer 80+ kids.


CBB teams typically are in a range of 2-5 offers. It's rare but not unheard of for a top team to have no scholarships to offer in a cycle. CBB offers have to be more thoughtful because you can get into a scholarship crunch very quickly.


All this to say -- you don't see as many top BB recruits with "padded" offer lists like FB recruits.

Perkis-Size Me

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If Beilein and Co. like this kid enough to offer him, then he's good enough for me. Beilein has proven to be a darn good talent evaluator, so this kid could be pretty good.

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but that's more than possible with U-M's strength program.  I remember a tall, skinny Loy Vaught who came in here in the mid 80's with not many big-time offers.  He was probably 6-8 or 6-9 and 210 at most.  By the end, he was a very good scoring, 240 pound rebounding machine who was drafted in the NBA first round.  I'm not saying Wilson (if he commits) will do this also.  But it sounds like he has the tools to be very successful.  To me the most important factor will be his desire to succeed level.  That's typically what separates the really good ones from all the rest. 


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Wilson's release is smooooth. Looks like he has some bounce too. It will be interesting to see who we pick up between Blackmon and Booker. Booker seems like a fluid, smooth player while Blackmon has a more attacking demeanor.  


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Ain't that recruiting though?

We gain a commit from a kid who everyone predicted would go elsewhere (Chatman).

We miss out on a kid who everyone thought was in the bag (Grantham).

Bring on DJ, and hopefully either Blackmon Jr. or Booker (maybe both?).